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Save electricity and help others

Save electricity and help others

Save electricity and help others
We all can help

Saving electricity not only helps your economy, but it will also help others. We are about to experience changes in the weather that could affect us all. If you don't remember, barely a year has passed since the Valentine storm in which almost all of Texas froze.

What was it about last year's winter storm that was so disastrous?

The detail of last year's storm was no snowfall. That's right, there was a lot of snow for two days, but the big problem was that the temperature did not rise above freezing for several days. This made the demand for electricity extraordinary. With such a large demand for electricity, distribution networks overheat and stop working as needed.

Blackouts happened and took time to repair.

Since we know that the same thing that happened last year can happen, what can we do to help and not experience more blackouts?

First, I would like us to think a little about each other. Of course, and, first of all, we must worry about our safety and our family. At the same time, if we don't think about others, it can directly affect us and our family.

Let's save electricity and help everyone else.

By saving electricity, we will not only be helping our economy. When temperatures are extreme, we can help others by saving electricity. In this way, the distribution networks will help distribute electricity in a better way. Less overheating of transformers and infrastructure.

Pay less electricity at home in the cold

Keeping your home warm requires a lot of energy. Still, we can help by not using as much electricity. Follow these tips.

Save electricity in winter

  • Seal doors and windows to prevent hot air leaks

  • If possible, have firewood and use your fireplace

  • Do not use a propane gas heater inside the house

  • Save hot water

  • Keep your heating unit in good condition

  • Keep doors and windows closed

  • Do not set the temperature of your heater above 70˚F

Save electricity and we can all help each other avoid blackouts in winter storms

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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