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Use less electricity and avoid blackouts

Save Electricity No Blackouts
It can happen again

Use less electricity and avoid blackouts

Summer is about to be behind us; however, our high energy bills are about to come in the mail. We can still use less electricity and avoid blackouts that may occur with these high temperatures of August. I mean, save some money, and save all a problem. Here are some ideas on how to lower your energy usage.

Lower your electricity usage

As you may know, the A/C is the number one responsible for our high energy bills. With this said, let's help you’re A/C to work properly, use less electricity, maintain it, and save some money.

Here is how I help my A/C in the summertime:

  • Change the filter (every 2-3 months)

  • Water hose the compressor

  • Check ducts cleanliness

  • Do not set the thermostat lower than 75˚F

  • What to do in a summer blackout?

Here is a good video of what to do and how to be ready for a summer blackout.

In February 2021, Texas suffered an extraordinary winter storm. We were not ready for 10 days of snow, power outages all over the cities. It was hard. Summer high temperatures can do the same. The demand for electricity in the summer is higher than in the winter. Let’s help the grid and use less energy.

Lower your electricity bill with these other ideas

Here I list other ways to use less energy and pay less on your next electricity bill

  • Seal your home; search for air leaks that may bring hot air from outside

  • Keep blinds and drapes shot

  • Use ceiling fans

  • Keep you’re A/C in auto and not lower than 75-76˚F.

  • Use pedestal or tower fans

We need to be conscious about our energy usage. When we have 100˚F days, the demand for energy from the grid to all the houses is too much. If we do not want to be melting in our own home, we need to help each other and use less electricity and avoid blackouts.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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