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Save Energy Unplug Electinics

Unplug Electronics Pay Less Electricity

How much energy can a power indicator use?

Yes, that little tiny LED light on our cell phone chargers, TV stand by mode, internet Wi-Fi routers, stove clocks, computers, etc.

Believe it or not, all those charging devices and standby lights and clocks can drag a ton of electricity. All together can pull as much energy as a refrigerator.

Ideas how to save energy

Pay less electricity with these ideas.

The power strips can help, just turn off the switch and all the devices plugged to that strip will be without power. This a great way to disconnect six to eight devices at the same time. It saves money and time.

The down part of this one is that some older devices are not ready for this. They still need to be on stand-by mode, these are most TV sets, but the older models like plasmas and some LEDs. For this case, there are power strips that have separated outlets specifically designed for that.

The best solution for your standby appliances and chargers.

Wrong way to plug electronics on outlet
Smart Power Strip
Save electricity and money with these smart power strips.

Now, if you want to go all the way, there are some smart power strips. They know and indicate what devices need power and sends power to the device in need of electricity.  

Computers. When you activate the “sleep mode”, they still use electricity. If you will return to your computer in the next hour or so, “sleep mode” will be fine. However, if you know that you won’t use it for a few hours is better to turn it completely off.

TVs. Older models must be on stand-by mode. You can harm the capacitors if you disconnect the TV from the power source or the outlet. If you have older model TVs, I suggest keeping them plugged. Newer – Smart TVs use very little power while in stand by mode. Still, a smart power strip will be a good way to manage their energy demand.

Coffee machines, blenders and kitchen appliances. Unless you really need the clock that some of these appliances has, you do not need them to be connected to the wall.

Important. I strongly suggest reading the owner’s manual of the appliances and electronics and see if they can be without power for long periods of time.

Energy Star. When updating your electronics and appliances, always look for the Energy Star label and compare with other similar products and see which ones are more energy-efficient.

To conclude I could say that you must figure it out what, are the appliances and electronics that really need to be plugged to the wall at all times, and which ones are ok if they are not.

Prepaid Electricity Saves Money

With prepaid electricity, you will see how these ideas and efforts work. See how much energy you are wasting or saving every day.

As one of the best features for prepaid energy services, get a notification every day of your energy usage, account balance and estimated time to zero.

I look at prepaid electricity services like if I was buying energy in advance, purchasing electricity credits or kilowatts that I will use in the next days. When we buy stuff in cash we take care of those things differently, the money cost us some work to get it. When we get things on credit, there still time to have full ownership of that stuff. Our mind is set in a way that when we do not own we are careless about it. The same happens with our electricity, when we borrow it and then pay for it, we don't see the value of it.  

When you pay for the electricity in advance and see that a day is more expensive than another, we do our best to save more and more energy, day by day. 

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