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Pay Less Electricity Saving Water

You read it right. There is a relation between the way we use water and energy usage at home.

As a matter of fact, 19% of California’s electricity production is used for water distribution and treatment. Our water, yes, this vital element in our life is not only costing us to have it but to treat it and keep it at a certain temperature cost too.

Even though we are not in California, this doesn’t mean that we can wastewater. Saving water should be on our minds all the time. However, we found a relation between saving water and lowering our energy consumption, thus, paying less for electricity.

Save electricity. Use hot water only when is needed

The water we demand at home comes from the utility and it comes cold. Now, many times we open the faucet, unconsciously and without needing it, we demand hot or warm water. Be cautious and use hot water only when necessary.

Let’s look at the moments we demand water and see if hot water is really needed.


Washing dishes

In all honesty, we don’t really need hot water to wash dishes unless the dishes are greasy. Now, I have a solution for that; pour water on all dishes, put aside the greasy dishes, start washing the other dishes, then, rinse all regular dishes with hot water. Since it takes a few minutes for the hot water to get to the faucet, use the cold water to rinse the dishes that do not need hot water. Then, when the hot water arrives at your hands, pour hot water to the dishes that need it. Set those dishes on the side for a few minutes and let the hot water do the work, then wash those dishes.

Faucet showerheads

Installing faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads will cut water heating costs by 50% and save up to $300 per year. This is a great trick to save water, no wonder why restaurants use these showerheads.


Thaw frozen foods


Some folks let some water drip, so a frozen food defrost. If you prep ahead, use a container with cold water and let it sit. Yes, it takes some time to defrost but you are not wasting water. Better yet, use no water to defrost by just placing the frosted item in the fridge a day before cooking it.


Washing our hands


Yes, everyone recommends washing our hands with hot water to kill bacteria, however, nowadays all regular anti-bacterial hand soap is good enough.

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Dishwasher machine

These appliances use a lot of electricity. Heat up the water, drying the dishes, motor, etc. I do recommend not to use them. However, here are some suggestions. Buy an Energy Star product, set water use to warm, not hot, let air dry or use a towel, use full loads.


Washing clothes


Our clothes washing machine is one of our favorite appliances. However, we can make better use of it and save hot water. First, we don’t need hot water for whites, warm water is enough, use full loads, wash and dry your clothes at night. This does not mean that the electricity is cheaper at night, this will help your air conditioner and your furnace too. The rest (color and dark clothes) can be washed with cold water.


This is where we waste more water than any other place. If you are like me, I really don’t like cold water while showering, however, here are the recommendations while showering. Use a bucket to collect the cold water coming out until the warm water it’s coming out. Use a bucket to collect that water and use it for other things like watering plants, wash dishes, mop the floors, etc. Then, cut your showering time; use a timer or if you are like me that I hear music while I’m in the shower, count how many songs you are un the shower, keep it to one or two songs at the most. There are timed showerheads. These showerheads change the color that tells you that you need to hurry up and finish your shower.

LED Timer Showerhead.jpg

Watering plans and our yard

Maybe we will not be using hot water to water our plants and yard. However, we need to conserve water as much as we can. Once I received this direct marketing postcard from Weed Man ( Of course, on one side of the postcard has all the promos, but on the other side, I found some very interesting information. Our yard only needs water twice a week, even in the hottest days of summer. I also know that the foundation of the house needs to stay moist. With that (2 times a week) watering will be just fine.

All in all, we need to help our planet, save water and pay less for electricity. Let’s leave a better world for our kids and their children.

My number one recommendation

Pay less electricity saving water with a tankless water heater.

First, if you don’t have the luxury to own or get a tankless water heater, besides all the above mentioned, do this trick. The traditional water heaters use a thermostat to keep the water hot at any given moment. It is not necessary to be set as HOT, if you keep it at WARM you will be just fine. If you are going on vacation, you can turn it off. The water for the utility comes to the water tank cold. Every time we demand hot water, the water tank pushes the water to where you need it and it will take time and gallons of water to reach the faucet or shower, we are demanding it. At the same time, the water heater lowers the level and it demands the water from the street that is cold and then the water heater does its job to heat it up.

Then, if you can afford a tankless water heater, good. This will be paid off with your energy savings in about 2 years. What it does is that it will just heat the water that you demand. As contrary to the traditional water heater that keeps a large amount of water hot.

Tankless Water Heater

Paying less for electricity saving water is a concern, however, I believe that we should save water for many other reasons. Clean water is not easy to come by and is not unlimited. Let’s take care of it.

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