Electricity Rates by Areas

Texas electricity prices are some of the lowest in the US. However, is good to know what rates are making you save money. Energy rates change often, fluctuate along with the natural gas prices. We have the best residential electricity rates in Texas with Payless Power.

Smart Choice Power Difference 

Our difference is that we see that prepaid electricity is the best way to save on energy. Remember that, having alow electricity rate is not the only thing necessary to pay low electricity bills.

The best way to pay less for the electricity we use is by reducing our energy consumption at home. In our BLOG we have lots of ideas that will help you to control and reduce your electricity usage.

12.0 ₵ per kWh Oncor

12.4 ₵ per kWh CenterPoint

13.0 ₵ per kWh TNMP

12.4 ₵ per kWh AEP Central/North

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