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Cheap Electricity and Keep Cool with Ceiling Fans

As one of the most underestimated energy-saving tricks in our home, the use of ceiling fans can help you reduce your energy consumption is about 10 to 20 %.

The use of the ceiling fan will save you energy and money during the summer and the winter as well. The idea is that we want to help the HVAC dependency. HVAC is the greatest energy consumption appliance in our home. That is right, keeping our home cold or hot is the first in place responsible for our energy consumption.

While maintaining our heating and cooling systems helps to keep our energy bill low, when we use the ceiling fans in a proper way, we help our HVAC unit to be used fewer times.

Save energy with ceiling fans

As mentioned above, by far, air conditioning and heating use more household electricity than any other appliance around the house. Usually, HVAC usage cost is about 36 cents per hour of operation, its responsible for about 30% or more of your home energy consumption. Let us help it a little with our ceiling fans.

On the contrary, ceiling fans cost about 1 cent per hour of operation, as you can see the savings will be substantial.

One misconception about ceiling fans is that they cool rooms. That is not true, the job of a ceiling fan is simple and easy. The ceiling fans only cool our skin with aa wind-chill effect. It does help to circulate the air (hot or cold) produced by the HVAC, however, does not change the room temperature. With the same token, it may reach the HVAC thermostat and help it to kick in fewer times.

Still, the best way to use the ceiling fans is while we are staying in the room. Otherwise, we would just be wasting electricity.

Another great advantage of the ceiling fan use is that limit humidity and prevent mold.

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Cheaper electricity using ceiling fans:

  • Turn fans on only when you are in the room where the ceiling fan is located

  • Increase the house temperature by 4 degrees, if you are still comfortable


Cheap Electricity using ceiling fans in the winter

Now, it is my theory that we need to use the ceiling fans during the winter because it helps to circulate hot air throughout the house. I believe that therefore there is the direction switch on most ceiling fans.

  • Summertime, push air down to create the wind-chill effect

  • Wintertime, push air up to circulate hot air

No ceiling fans installed

The process of installing ceiling fans is quite simple. However, I recommend getting some advice, the guys from Home Depot are knowledgeable in all this stuff.

Do not forget to check the Energy Star label. Yes, that yellow label that compares products and their energy-efficient factor.

About the switch that changes the direction of the fan.

I've found that sometimes that switch is hidden. Sometimes you have to remove the screen covering the bulbs in order to get to that switch.

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