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Electricity in Texas

Residential electricity connection in minutes

Prepaid electricity is easier

The best prepaid electricity in Texas

No credit or deposit required

Residential Prepaid Electricity in Texas

Dallas is a deregulated city by the Public Utility Commission. This means that you can choose your electricity provider. Now there are certain parts of the city that are protected by a cooperative and these areas will not be able to choose their electricity provider. You can call us to confirm your electricity service address and we will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision.

Smart Choice Power is a broker for Payless Power. This does not mean that prices will be changed. SCP promotes prepaid electricity in Dallas at the same prices as Payless Power.



Residential electricity connection in minutes

Residential electricity in Dallas shouldn't be complicated. This is where SCP and Payless Power come into focus. First of all, the connection of electricity in your home can be in minutes. As there is no review of the client's credit history, the order to connect the electricity service in his house is sent immediately. If you are moving to a new address, as soon as you know the exact address, you can call us and the electricity in your house will be connected. In many cases, electricity can be connected in less than 30 minutes.



Prepaid electricity is easier

We already mentioned that prepaid electricity in Dallas will not do a credit check. Now, as the name of the product says; PREPAID ELECTRICITY, payment will be required. This payment is not considered a deposit. This payment is for the amount of electricity that you will use in the next few days. The customer is paying for the kilowatts that their home will use. So when the customer calls to request their electricity service, they will only be asked for their basic information; name, phone number, date of birth, and the address where electricity service is needed. The customer makes a minimum payment and that's it.



The Best of Prepaid Electricity in Dallas

As one of the most important advantages of prepaid electricity, the electricity use messages. That's right, the customer will receive daily energy usage text messages or emails. The reason why it is the best advantage is that this way you can know how much energy you are spending each day. In this way the client can make certain changes in the way the appliances are used and thus use them in the most efficient way possible.



To summarize, how to get electricity in Dallas


  • Power connection in minutes

  • No need to have good credit

  • No social security number or driver's license will be required

  • Without paying high deposits

  • No need for contracts

  • Daily energy usage notifications

As you can see, prepaid electricity is very easy to obtain and manage.


You can call us and we will answer all your questions.

Keyboard and Mouse

You can enroll in Payless Power yourself without the need to speak with a representative. Follow this link and fill in the necessary information. You'll have your home electricity connected in minutes.

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