Young Energy LLC, DBA Payless Power is an American owned and operated company based in Fort Worth, Texas with over 50 years of combined experience in the pre-paid retail industry. Payless Power uses relentless focus to develop technological innovations   to deliver the most convenient electric utility options at an affordable price. Payless Power is proud of its status as one of the most reputable pre-paid providers available.

Who qualifies with us? Everyone is approved with just one 7 minute call!

With the Deregulation of Texas Energy in 2002 , pre-paid energy is now an option to many Texans. Just like pre-paid cell phone plans or pre-paid credit cards… pre-paid electricity gives you the opportunity to pay for service before you actually use it. The pre-paid energy solution works best for customers under the following conditions; 1.) fixed income 2.) short term needs 3.) bumps and bruises on your credit. Many customers feel that pre-paid electric service just fits their needs better than a monthly plan with large deposit and long term commitment. With pre-paid electricity you just pay for what you need so there are no long term contracts, deposits, credit checks or any of the other hassles that can be associated with setting up a long-term energy plan. Call us and see how pay-as-you-go electricity can work for you. We work with the following Transmission and Distribution Service providers: Oncor The Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex as well as various parts of East and West Texas Centerpoint Houston and the surrounds areas AEP Central Corpus Christi and the Valley AEP North Abilene and other North Texas Communities.


Electricity No Credit

That’s right… we do not perform credit checks for pre-paid service.  Even better, we will not ask for your social security number or driver’s license number. You pay in advance for what you are going to use. We do not need your personal information and you may still qualify for same day connection!


SmarTricity with Flex Pay is a great way to pay for what you use and what you need. We don’t require long term contracts and our pay-as-you-go plan allows you to connect service fast and easy. Do you need service for less than a year or even less than 6 months? We can help!

Let's Talk about your Choices! In just 7 minutes we can show you how you can save on your electric bill!

I want to say thank you to all of you guys who have been selling Payless Power Activation Cards. Unfortunately we are not offering this program, however, we continue our affiliate program and here is how;

Call Gabriel, he is your Master Agent; ask him for your toll free number and agent code.

  • No need to handle cash

  • Just make your potential customer call the toll free number and the 6 digit agent code assigned to you, the 6 digit agent code is very important to track your customers.

  • Commissions remain the same with a small delay; commissions will be paid after a customer keeps the service for at least 15 days. We are adding residual commission; every customer who stays with Payless Power will generate a small portion every month for as long as the customer stays active with Payless Power.


Call for any inquiries or if you are a property manager or owner and need more information how you can benefit from our referral program. Gabriel 469.288.3327

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