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Cheap Electricity in Texas

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Cheap electricity, no deposit electricity same day energy service in Texas
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Cheapest No Deposit Electricity in Texas

Electricity Service in Texas New Mexico Power Territory


Another utility company in Texas, Texas New Mexico Power.

TNMP is an electric transmission and distribution company in Texas. They deliver power, maintain and read meters and construct and maintain power lines.

If you experience a POWER OUTAGE, please call 888 866 7456.

Powering almost 500,000 homes and businesses in Texas, they employ more than 400 in 20 communities throughout the state. With headquarters in Lewisville Texas, however, they serve several pockets in the state.


Energy Deregulation in Texas

Since the energy deregulation in Texas, 4 main utility companies emerge. Now, these utility companies like Texas New Mexico Power, have the responsibility for maintaining the power lines, transformers, towers, etc. With that said, another job they have is to deliver the power to our homes and businesses. Aside from that, they are the ones responsible to read each meter and send the reading to the REP (Electric Retail Provider). Then, the REP is in charge to send us the statement of the energy we consume. As the utility needs to charge for their service, the REP adds the utility charge to the bill we receive for our energy consumption. Granted that, the REP will pass through the utility charges, collect those energy charges from us and then REP pays the utility.

Actually, a lot of folks think that when there is a power outage, the responsibility to restore the electricity is the REP. The one responsible to restore the power will be the utility. If you experience a power outage, please call 888 866 7456.

In other words, the REP is the one who sells us the energy we consume, then, the utility is the one who delivers the electricity to our homes and businesses.

Choosing the correct electricity company or REP is not an easy task. Especially for credit challenge energy customers residents in Texas. All in all, we partner with the best electricity provider in the Texas-New Mexico Power territory to cater to customers with low credit who are asked for high deposits with a company that offers month-to-month plans or for energy customers that would like not to be asked for credit or electricity customers who would like short term electricity.

Best No Deposit Home Electricity Service is with Payless Power

Electricity services without a contract have many advantages. First, there will be no deposit, then, no credit is necessary. I mean that your personal information is secure, you do not need to give your social security number or driver's license. Now, you can feel in the comfort that your credit will be intact.

Energy Usage Notifications, daily text or email with your electricity usage

Bar none is one of my favorite features. The daily text tells me how much electricity I’m using. This is the ONLY way for me to know if any of my energy-saving efforts are worth keeping doing them.

With that said, many of us always try to save energy. If we do any energy-saving effort, how to notice it? How do we know if, for example, changing the light bulbs from incandescent to high energy-efficient bulbs makes any difference? Even more, what if we went all the way to swap the light to LED lights?

If you are in an energy contract plan, it will be hard to find out. On the other hand, the temperature fluctuates a lot in a 30-day period. Though, is not easy to identify if that energy-saving effort affected your energy consumption.

By way of contrast, with no deposit electricity or prepaid energy services and your daily text notification, you will notice your energy-saving effort the very next day.

We have the best prepaid electricity rates in Texas

Cities that TNMP serves in Texas,


Electricity Service in Texas New Mexico Power Territories

Pecos, Kermit, Fort Stockton, Sanderson, Friendswood, League City, Alvin, La Marque, Dickinson, Texas City, West Columbia, Angleton, Brazoria, Sweeny, Petrolia, Nocona, Olney, Strawn, Pilot Point, Princeton, Lewisville, Whitewright, Leonard, Farmersville, Detroit, Bogata, Emory, Glen Rose, Hico, Meridian, Whitney, Clifton, Hamilton, Valley Mills, Gatesville, and more.

Texas New Mexico Power Electricity Service Area

Payless Power provides the Cheapest Prepaid Electricity Service in Texas New Mexico Power


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Safety information that TNMP offers on their website:


Household Electric Safety Tips
  • Make sure smoke alarms are:

    • installed on every floor outside sleeping areas.

    • installed in every bedroom.

    • in good working order.

  • Look for tell-tale signs of electrical problems, including:

    • dimming of lights.

    • frequent circuit-breaker trips.

    • blown fuses.

  • Ask a qualified electrician if your home would benefit from AFCI protection.

    • Especially important during inspections of older homes or upgrades to electrical systems.

  • Limit the use of extension cords particularly cords used to power room air.

  • Use light bulbs that are the proper wattage for the fixture.

    • Higher-wattage bulbs can degrade the wires in and around the fixture.


Smart Choice Power has its blog where you can find many energy-saving ideas. We truly believe that in order to pay less for the electricity we consume is not by having the lowest kilowatt rate but by lowering our energy consumption. A great way to help our planet is by using less energy. Nowadays, electricity comes from many different resources, unfortunately, most of those resources are not eco-friendly.

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