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Prepaid Electricity Helps Save Money

Prepaid Electricity Helps Save Money
Save Money with Prepaid Electricity

That is right. A lot of energy consumers think that prepaid electricity is more expensive than traditional electricity, however, Prepaid Electricity Helps Save Money.

Some folks think that prepaid electricity doesn’t last enough. Other people think that is a hassle making the payments. Others think that daily text notifications are annoying.

All the bad things people say about prepaid electricity might be true at a certain point.

To tell the truth, I’ve been selling electricity for about 12 years, since day one, I’ve been dealing with prepaid electricity services. I’ve been a prepaid electricity customer for many years.

Yes, at the beginning was weird, receiving all those notification texts every morning and looking that the account balance was going down and down. But I did not give up.

The way I start looking at this is that I was aware that if I do something to save energy it will show right away. Contrary to the month to month billing, you can’t see your everyday efforts of saving energy because they just send a monthly statement and you can’t really see if any modification in your day-to-day task affects your energy consumption.

I felt the same way and I didn’t understand how all this really work. Still, I gave it a little more time and start working with it, instead of against it.

I start making larger payments, at least of what I thought I was going to spend in 30 days. And guess what, I made the payment for what I thought it would last a month and it lasted 5 weeks. I kept going with my day-to-day energy saving ideas.

Simple Energy Saving Ideas

  • Change air filter

  • Better use of the A/C thermostat

  • Wash and dry clothes ay night and with cold water only

  • Wash dishes with cold water

  • Changed all my light bulbs to LEDs

  • Keep drapes closed

  • Etc.

I saw that even the weather started to change and getting warmer, however, my daily text notification of energy change was minimal.

Next thing I did, I made a huge payment, I forecast to last about 3 months. I paid $250

Surprise surprise… It lasted for 5 months.

This is no gimmick, no chit chat. Is not because I sell prepaid electricity. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Try it today


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