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5 Tips To Keep A Low Electric Bill

5 tips to lower your electric bill
Start saving today

What happens when we are over 100 degrees?

Well of course we are melting, however, there are many other things that get affected by this Texas summer heat.

Our electricity consumption goes to the roof.

5 tips to keep our electric bill as low as possible during summertime.

  1. Never set your thermostat lower than 70'F. Otherwise, the A/C will not stop running.

  2. Have your ceiling fans running clockwise, pushing the air downward.

  3. Keep doors, windows, blinds, or curtains closed.

  4. Locate air leaks in cracked walls, windows, door frames, and thresholds, and repair them.

  5. Do your laundry (with full loads) after 9 pm. This will help your A/C.

Bonus. Clean your A/C compressor coils with water. Either power washed or just with a hose.

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