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Save Electricity at Home

How to Save Electricity at Home

We all would like to have a little or a lot more money available. Every month we have to pay our services like water, cable, internet, cell phone, electricity, etc. There are services in which we cannot do anything to pay less since it is a fixed price per month. On the other hand, we have services that are measured by our consumption, such as the electricity we use at home. I want to help you see ways to save electricity at home.

It is important to know that changing electricity companies is not a good idea. Also, an electricity rate is not going to make much of a difference in what you pay per month for your electricity service. The reality of things is that our electricity bill reaches as high as we spend electricity. We can change many habits when using our appliances and electronics and in this way control the cost of electricity. I am convinced that, to save electricity at home, I do not need a low electricity rate, what I really need is to lower electricity consumption.

What consumes the most electricity in the home?

  1. Air conditioning and heating

  2. Water heater

  3. Laundry

  4. Lighting and spotlights

  5. Refrigeration

  6. when cooking

  7. TVs, computers, chargers, etc.

How to Save Electricity at Home
How We Use Our Electricity

If we analyze this a bit, we can see that our comfort is what affects our electricity consumption the most. Being comfortable when sleeping, bathing, etc. The rest of our electricity consumption is for leading a normal life. Even so, we can make some changes and save energy at home.

How to know if any change is saving electricity?

Here is the trick, in order to save electricityat home it is necessary to know how much energy is spent per day. If I receive a total of energy used in a month, I can not know which appliance is used more and why. With prepaid electricity I can know how much energy I am using each day.

Prepaid electricity helps me save electricity at home

That's right, Payless Power prepaid electricity sends a daily message of the previous day's electricity consumption. With this information we will be able to make changes in our tasks and see what is the most efficient way to use our appliances.

Let's say, if I always use hot water to wash dishes, I can change this habit and wash ONLY greasy dishes with hot water. The rest of the dishes do not need to be washed in hot water. Another example could be the temperature that we set the thermostat. We could leave the thermostat on AUTO and at a temperature a little colder or warmer and get used to that temperature. In the summer you could use the thermostat at 72°F and in the winter leave the thermostat at 68°F and always use the ceiling fans.

In conclusion

Knowledge is power, knowing how much energy we spend each day will help us make an effort every day to use less electricity.

Our blog is full of ideas on how to make better use of our appliances. follow us.

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