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Home Electricity Bill, how to read it.

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Image os a guys surprised of his energy bill.
Home electricity bill, we are never happy with it.

A lot of times we feel that our electricity company is taking advantage and most of us don’t know how to read our home electricity bill.

Month-to-Month Electricity Service - How to Read Your Bill

Some electricity companies have simple, easy-to-read, electricity bills. On the other hand, we have electricity companies that break down all charges. Some of those charges we don’t really need to know about and that makes it difficult to understand the whole electricity bill.

Most important things to know about your energy bill.

  1. kWh usage.

  2. Utility charges.

  3. Government discounts (if applicable).

  4. Last month's payments.

  5. Total to pay.

It’s important to know the energy usage. This will show the total amount of kWh used in the billing period. This is one of the things I do not like about postpaid electricity services since the meter read is once a month, I do not know if my efforts to lower my electricity usage are worth to keep doing or not.

The reason for this is that in a month we experience different climate changes and that affects our energy consumption. On the contrary, prepaid electricity services will give a meter read every day. With this said, you will notice if doing your laundry at night is worth to be done.

The charges that we don’t really need to know about in our home electricity bill.

Home Utility charges. TDSP Charges.

Despite that there are charges not easy to understand, several electricity companies break down the TDSP charges. We don’t really need to understand these charges; however, we need to pay them.

These TDSP charges are all incurred charges that make electricity delivery possible.

Recovery, point of transmission, delivery point charge, energy efficiency cost recovery, customer charge, distribution charge, recovery of securitized regulatory and TDSP discretionary charges. It sounds like this was the Chinese language, isn’t it?

Well, this is the part where you don’t really need to know how to read your home electricity bill. To make it simple and to sum up all these TDSP charges, we call them “delivery charges” or “utility charges”.

Government discounts, LEIHAP. If applicable.

Then, our home electricity bill will show Lite-Up Texas or LEIHAP government discounts.

Not everyone is eligible for this kind of discount. If you already receive some government help like Medicaid, SNAP, Housing, etc. You may be familiar with this discount.

See PUC (Public Utility Commission) rules and applications on the PUC website, follow this link.

Home electricity payments.

This is important because you can see when your payment was posted. There is always a fee for paying late, here you will notice if your last payment was posted in time.

Lastly, we can see the total amount to pay for this billing cycle.

All charges and discounts are included, and very important to note the electricity bill's due date.

Prepaid electricity services are as simple as text.

Image of a cell phone with a text showing home energy usage.
A simple text or email tells you your home energy usage.

As for prepaid electricity services, electricity billing charges are very simple. Every day, the customers receive a text or email notification showing the energy usage in kWh, how much that electricity usage represents in dollars, how much is the account balance and the estimated time for that balance to last.

Is important to note that the text notification is delayed one day. For instance, the text received Monday will show Saturday’s energy usage.

Rest assured that the meter reading is very accurate, and you will notice your energy-saving efforts.

As stated before and contradictory to prepaid electricity text notifications, postpaid home electricity will just send a monthly statement where you can’t see if changing all your light bulbs worth the investment.

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