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Know Your Daily Energy Usage and Save Thousands

Know Your Daily Energy Usage
Knowledge is Power

Why is important to know how much electricity we use every day? Know Your Daily Energy Usage and Save Thousands.

Do you know how much electricity did you use yesterday? Or the day before…? Why is important to know how much electricity we use every day?

We all want to lower our expenses, especially on those that we can’t get away from. Our utilities, or must-have services like gas, water, internet, etc. Since you are here, you know that we are all about energy, home electricity that helps us to have all our electronic devices running, which most of them help us run our lives. In this article, I would like to help you to understand why is important to know your energy usage. Not only how much energy we use per billing cycle, but how much energy we use every day.

Why is Important to Know Your Daily Energy Usage Every Day?

Most of you receive a monthly energy bill with the amount of energy used and how much you need to pay for that amount. Despite your energy-saving efforts, you need to pay whatever the monthly statement says. However, do you know how your energy bill got so high? You can’t figure out if you are wasting energy because an appliance malfunctioned, someone changed the A/C thermostat settings, or the doors were left open for a long period of time.

If you know how much energy you use every day you will know which appliances are using more electricity. You can make adjustments to those appliances and see if those energy-saving efforts are working. If you change the way you do your chores, the ones that use appliances like cooking, laundering, etc., and if you know your daily energy usage, you can know if those changes are saving energy or not.

See that your energy-saving efforts are working.

Electricity Billing in Texas

In Texas, we have 2 ways to receive our energy bills; monthly or daily. Most energy companies do monthly billing, only prepaid energy services will send you daily energy usage notifications. I understand that prepaid electricity is a bit more expensive than an energy plan with a monthly statement and a contract, but prepaid electricity is not a bad idea if you really want to save energy and lower your electricity spent.

Traditional Monthly Energy Billing

The monthly electricity billing may be comfortable for many of you; however, this method will never help you save energy and lower that electricity bill. Simply because you don’t know when, how, or what is making that energy usage so high. If you try a new energy-saving effort, you will not notice the difference in energy usage.

Daily Energy Usage Billing

Only with prepaid electricity, you can know how many kilowatts you are using on a daily basis. Each day you will receive a text or email with the kilowatts used the previous day. With this information, you can easily know if any of your appliances was working more. Of course, you will see a spike in energy usage if you did your laundry. Now, pay attention here, you will be able to test different settings while doing the same task and you will know if the new setting is saving energy or not.

You can try different settings and times to do your chores and you will learn the most efficient way to perform each task.

As mentioned above, prepaid electricity may not have the lowest energy rate out there, however, it will help you save energy and keep more than a few bucks in your pocket.

To conclude

A low energy rate may save you hundreds, lower your energy usage to save thousands.

Use prepaid electricity to know (in detail) your energy usage.

We have a vast number of ideas on how to lower your energy usage with each appliance you may use at home in our BLOG, follow it.

For prepaid energy service, we recommend Payless Power. Click or call today.

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