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Electricity Companies in Texas

Electricity Companies in Texas
Difference in Electricity Companies in Texas

There are two types of electricity companies in Texas; those that check your credit and those that do not require credit to start the electricity service.

Types of Electricity Companies in Texas

  1. Residential Electricity with Credit

  2. Residential Electricity Without Credit

Residential Electricity with Credit

There are many electricity companies that will ask you to have excellent credit in order to start the electricity service. The credit check is for the electricity company to ensure that the customer is going to pay their electricity bill. Clients know that if they do not pay the electricity bill, their credit could be damaged.

This does not mean that the electricity company is good or cheaper.

What they are going to ensure is that the client will remain under contract for several months. Contracts can be 6, 12, 24, or 36 months.

Now, if your credit is not the best, these electricity companies will require you to pay a deposit. This deposit will have to be paid before starting the electricity service. Deposits typically range from $200 to $500. Even so, paying a deposit does not guarantee you have a cheaper electricity rate.

Credit Check to Have Electricity at Home

The only way to know that your credit is good is to check with the credit bureau. For this, it is necessary to have a social security number or ITIN (tax identification number).

Residential Electricity Without Credit

Now, if you don't have excellent credit and don't want to pay that deposit, you have another option.

Electricity companies in Texas do not ask to have good credit. These electricity companies are not going to ask you for your social security number or your ITIN. This type of energy is called Prepaid Electricity.

As the name of the product says (prepaid), the customer pays for the energy that he is going to use in the coming days. By buying electricity in advance, you avoid having to pay high deposits.

Prepaid Electricity Helps You Save

That's right, prepaid electricity will send you a text message or email every day with your home's electricity consumption. In this way, you will be able to see if any effort to save electricity is working or not. For example, if you make better use of your heating or air conditioning system, you will be able to see the result immediately.

Electricity Connection in Minutes

As I mentioned earlier, without the need to run a credit check, you can get your electricity connected in minutes.

Call us today and you will see how easy it is to connect the electricity in your home with us.

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