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Electricity Company that Helps You Save

Electricity Company that Helps You Save
Make your home energy-efficient

Most people think that all energy companies are a rip-off. That what they charge for electricity is outrageous. That they can raise the rate at any time without the customer's consent. However, there is an electricity company that helps you save energy and pay less on your energy bill.

Yes, there are some companies that change their rate and they don’t give notice to the customer. That customer's energy rate may change because of the customer's energy usage, weather change, contract violation, etc. All these scenarios are stipulated in the fine print on everyone’s welcome packet and disclosures when acquiring a new energy service. With that said, we rarely read all the details or listen carefully.

Let me tell you that home electricity is not easy to come by. There is a huge number of things that are involved in order to bring electricity to our homes. Just think about this, most of our electricity comes from oil or coal extraction and it’s transformed into electricity. In addition to that, transportation of electricity to our homes is tremendous work and requires a great infrastructure. So, if you are paying one, two, or even three cents more than any other energy plan, it’s not that bad. Also, remember that your credit history affects the electricity rate.

Save Energy Pay Less Electricity

Saving on your electricity bill is not all about having a good energy rate. If you really want to lower your electricity bill, you need to lower your energy consumption.

The difference between electricity companies, postpaid and prepaid.

Let’s start with the ones that send you a monthly statement (POSTPAID). These energy companies will tell you how many kWh you used in a month. Great, however, you don’t know which day or why you used such an amount of energy. You just receive the bill and pay. You could have your A/C broken or an appliance that is using more energy than it’s supposed to and it will be very complicated for you to notice it.

On the other hand, we have the Electricity Company that Helps You Save (PREPAID). This type of electricity will send you a daily text or email notification with your energy usage. You may think that this daily notification is annoying and useless. Think about this, use that information to your advantage.

Measure your energy-saving efforts with prepaid electricity.

If yesterday you used a certain amount of kilowatts, today you will try to use less energy. You will modify the way you use your appliances to see if they work more energy-efficient. You will take note until you reach the best way to use that appliance. As an example, if you have your thermostat set at 72° and you drop a couple of degrees (with similar weather conditions), you will notice the savings the next day.

Things to test to lower energy usage.
  1. Air conditioner

  2. Heating system

  3. Water heater

  4. Water usage

  5. Laundry

  6. Windows and doors

  7. Garage gates

  8. All around the house lights

  9. Ceiling fans

  10. Insulation

  11. … and many more

As you can see, an Electricity Company that Helps You Save is the one that gives you the tools and information for you to take action and save, not the one that gives you the best energy rate. Know your energy usage with prepaid electricity.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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