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Same-Day Electricity Connection

Nowadays, we are all busy with stuff. What stuff? You name it, kids, work, appointments, friends, and family. Many times, we think that things work automatically, thus we forget stuff. Not only do we forget stuff, but we also miss mail, emails, notifications, appointments, etc. With that said, we need things for yesterday, especially when we can get in trouble for not getting things done. We offer same-day electricity connection in case you missed your deadline to pay or to switch to a new energy company. I have seen customers connected in less than 30 minutes.

Same-Day Electricity Connection
Fast and Reliable Electricity Connection

These days, it’s hard to live without home electricity, so many things in our life that use electricity. Cellphones, computers, appliances, and TVs, just to mention a few things we use every day. Can you imagine a day without electricity at home? Well, take that ugly thought out of your mind and relax because we have a same-day electricity connection at no extra charge. However, there is some important information you need to know.

Electricity Connection in Minutes

There are a few things to consider to have a same-day electricity connection.

Utility Hours of Operation

Monday thru Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.

No Meter Restrictions.

The electricity meter needs to be in an “open status”. This means that there is no need for a city inspection or that there is no “switch hold”. The switch hold is placed by the utility.

Electricity Account Completed

The whole process of setting up an electricity account needs to be completed. Customer’s information, verification, and payment if it is needed (prepaid) or credit validation (postpaid).

This is not that complicated; however, I would like to explain a few roles in the electricity business.

Difference between Electricity Companies and Utility Companies

In order to understand the same-day electricity connection, it’s very important to understand who is who with the electricity service. First, we have the Electricity Company, this is the one who sends you the bill, they buy the energy in bulk and resell it to you. There are many electricity companies in Texas, some offer prepaid electricity and some offer postpaid electricity. Then, the Utility Company is the one in charge of the energy grid. They are responsible to deliver the electricity to your electricity meter.

The 2 main components of an electricity bill are the Energy Charges and the Delivery Charges. The energy charges are the kilowatts that we use. On the other hand, the delivery (or Utility) charges are the cost of bringing the power to our homes. These utility charges are the maintenance of poles, transformers, power lines, grids, etc. When you pay your bill, the electricity company sends the corresponding part to the utility. Lastly, the taxes.

In the case that you live in a co-op area, usually, the utility and the electricity company will be the same, you can’t choose a different electricity supplier.

The Fastest Electricity Connection is with Prepaid Energy

Since prepaid electricity doesn’t ask for credit, there is nothing holding the order to be processed by the utility. Just create the account, verify it, buy the energy you want, and that is it!

To conclude. If you need a same-day electricity connection, make sure you ask for it during the utility business hours, don’t owe it to any other electricity company (to prevent a switch hold), and complete the whole sale process. I have seen customers connected in less than 30 minutes.

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You can enter your electricity order with this link.

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