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Save Electricity Saving Water at Home

Save Electricity Saving Water at Home
Yes, you can save electricity here

Every day we use water, many times we open the tap to use water and without thinking about it we are opening the hot water tap without the need for hot water. Save Electricity Saving Water at Home.

Let's use hot water only when necessary

To tell the truth, we only need hot water when taking a bath, when washing certain clothes, and sometimes when washing dishes.

Let's save electricity when bathing

Although there are many people who like to shower with cold water, to tell the truth, I don't. A hot bath is so relaxing, but it is also much healthier to take a cold bath. It is not easy to get used to using cold water to bathe, but we can do the following.

First, we know that hot water takes a few minutes to reach the temperature we like, we can fill buckets with cold water and then use them to water the plants or to wash the bathroom or toilet. Little by little use less hot water, after having filled ourselves with water, we can close the water while we are soaping ourselves. Then turn on the water again to remove the soap. We can also reduce the time we spend in the shower, many of us don't realize how much time we actually spend in the shower. You could set a timer or also, if you like to bathe while listening to music, see how many songs it takes to bathe, two or three songs will be enough for a complete shower.

Metered showers. That's right, these shower heads change color and let you know it's time to get out of the shower.

Wash your clothes and save electricity

Not all clothes have to be washed in hot water, only white ones. In fact, hot water damages colored clothes. My recommendation is that only white clothes be washed in hot water. Also, it is not recommended to use the hot water mode unless the clothes are very stained, warm water is enough.

Save electricity by washing dishes

Washing dishes is an everyday chore. Unless the dishes and pans are very greasy, it is not necessary to use hot water to wash them. If you have greasy dishes and dinnerware, this is what I recommend. Start soaping the dishes without grease, when rinsing those dishes, turn on the hot water which will take time to get to the faucet. By the time the hot water arrives, soak dishes and pans in hot water and let the hot water sit for a few minutes on greasy dishes. Afterward, lather the dishes that were sitting with hot water and rinse them.


The detail here is to make the most of the water we use. Wasting water does not help us. Let's help our planet and our pocket.

Save Electricity Saving Water at Home

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