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Cheaper Electricity Bills Manage Your Energy Usage

Now that the summer is gone, what to do regarding saving energy? This is the time of the year that we can have a break from our high electricity bills. However, if we are not careful, we will not be able to get advantage of this mild weather and get cheaper electricity bills.

Managing your energy usage is very important.

One way to manage your energy usage is by knowing what and how to make better use of our appliances and electronics. In other words, we have appliances and electronics that are wasting a lot of energy without us knowing it. Also, some appliances may help us to save energy somehow else.

Appliances that use most of our electricity.

Cheaper Electricity Bills Manage Your Energy Usage
How we use the electricity

As you see in the image, air conditioning units, furnaces, water heating and washing and drying machines use most of our electricity.

Lower Your Electricity Bills with these Energy Management Tips

  • Insulate pipes and replace showerheads

  • Set the water heater to 120 degrees, no need to be on HOT

  • Wash your clothes with cold water, do laundry at night, more ways...

  • Unplug all “stand-by” electronics

  • LED light bulbs can save 67% of energy compared to incandescent light bulbs.

How do all these efforts will impact my energy usage?

One of the main things affecting our usage is the weather.

Still, we can’t really know what the consumption impact is after making all these efforts. Not easy if we have an energy plan that sends a monthly statement. The weather affects our energy consumption dramatically. Can you say that we get the same weather one month after the other? The answer is, no.

Which is the best way to measure your energy savings efforts? Is by knowing every day how much electricity you are consuming.

If you are in a monthly electricity plan, hence, you can only see what you consume in a 30-day period. If you start an electricity-saving plan, it will be hard to figure it out what changes helped to save electricity.

Solution for Cheaper Electricity Bills Manage Your Energy Usage

Prepaid electricity service with Payless Power

Ways to know how much energy you spend
Be informed of your energy usage

One of the best features of Payless Power prepaid electricity is the daily text notifications. Because of the fact that every day you will get a text or email notification of your energy consumption, you can see and measure your energy-saving efforts.

All in all, information is king. Knowing how much energy you are using every day might be annoying. It happened to me, however, I got used to it. Then, it was like a challenge, I was really getting in to help myself and lower my electricity. I made this my daily challenge.

On the other hand, having a low electricity rate is not the only way to pay less for our electricity. There are many other ways to lower our electricity usage, thus pay less in our energy bill.

Call us for any concerns and more tips.


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