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Saving Electricity should be a Priority

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Save Electricity During these Tough Times

Saving electricity, better budget
We can save energy and money

We need to do our best to save money. Now that we are almost forced to stay home and many have lost their job, it’s time to be very careful about how we spend our money. It’s my belief that when we are in our darkest moments is when we react to see other ways to survive. Since it’s uncertain when all this is going to pass, we need to pay close attention to our budget.

Saving electricity should be a priority. While some energy companies prepare for the summer and for this quarantine, postpaid companies have changed their rules to approve new electricity services. Some energy companies raised the credit criteria to be approved for a new service. At the same time, some energy companies raised the deposit for those who were not able to pass the credit check.

Measure Your Electricity Savings

This is the time that we need to be careful about how we spend our money. Be conservative and make the right choices. Now that we are staying at home, our electricity bill will increase, probably about 30 to 50 %. I really encourage all my readers to pay close attention to the way we use our energy at home.

As I was saying, if you are with a postpaid electricity company, you will not know how big your energy consumption will impact your electricity bill until next month. Many of us don’t know if we are going to have a job next week, how are we going to pay for that huge electricity bill?

With prepaid electricity you will not receive a monthly statement, you will receive daily notifications via text or email. These notifications will tell you how much electricity you used the day before, how much money that energy usage represents, and how much is left on your electricity account.

It’s time for a challenge, I challenge you to save energy at home every day.

Prepaid electricity service is the only way to see your energy savings per day. You can see how much electricity was used the day before and the day before that day. Identify what was causing more or less energy usage, make changes, and see how they impact your energy consumption. Talk to your family and work together to lower electricity usage.

Challenge yourself and your family to have the lowest energy usage during this quarantine. Saving electricity should be a priority.

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