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Save Electricity While Cooking

Save Electricity While Cooking

Save Electricity Cooking
We can save energy anywhere

As you know, my blogging is all about saving electricity, different ways how to lower energy consumption, become more efficient. After all, pay less on the electricity bill. On this occasion, I want to Save Electricity While Cooking.

How can we Save Electricity While Cooking?

There are several things we can do to save electricity in the kitchen. Remember that the kitchen has more appliances than any other room in our home. Many times, we are using several appliances at the same time.

The idea is to do better use of all the appliances, be more efficient and save more than just a few dollars on your electricity bill but save your energy and have more time for yourself. It’s very important that you think about yourself and your time. With that said, think about the future days, so preparing meals for a few days ahead.

Think of all the appliances that are in use while cooking. Lights, opening and closing the fridge (remember that it takes one hour for the fridge to get back to the desired temperature after one minute of having the fridge door open), toaster, cooktop, microwave, oven, hot water, dishwasher, etc. As you can see, there are more than a handful of things we use in a single task.

Use less electricity in the kitchen

While cooking, think about days ahead, do some meal prep. Preparing food for days ahead and keep an organized fridge. Save water as much as you can, especially hot water, use your dishwasher when is full. Your light fixtures can be set to be used by sections in the kitchen. Avoid the use of the oven; I got used to new (at least new to me) cooking gadgets like pressure cookers, air fryers, and grain cookers.

I believe that if you get used to meal prepping you can save a lot of energy, not only your home energy but your own energy and must precious time.

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