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Pay Less for Your Electricity Easy Ideas

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Pay less for electricity easy ideas
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Save energy at home, and keep hundreds in your pocket.

Smart Choice Power wants you to keep some money in your pocket. We have helped thousands of electricity customers to save. Not only with their new electricity company at a lower rate. I have this to say… “a low energy rate will save you hundreds, lower your energy usage and save thousands”. Here are easy ideas on how to pay less for your home electricity.

Since you do not live for this, maybe you never focus on this. We do live by selling electricity plans; however, we need our customers to stay with that plan as long as possible. With this said, we want to help you to lower your energy usage at home, this way you will pay less for this so necessary electricity service. We are always looking for new ways to lower energy consumption, we implement those energy-saving ideas and we see if they are worth sharing.

All in all, we want to save energy and money, however, it will need some effort. With no further to say, here… Payless for your electricity easy ideas.

1. Do not turn off your air conditioning or furnace unit.

Cooling and heating are the #1 energy consumption concern at home.

A lot of us have this wrong idea; since I’m not home, why should I have the air conditioner or furnace unit on… Let me tell you that part of this concept is right and part of it is wrong. Yes, why do we have the unit working while no one is home? Let me tell you that turning the unit completely off will make the residence hotter or colder than we would like. For instance, in the winter, if we turn off the furnace while we are out, kids in school, we are at work, etc. The residence will get too cold, and when we get home, and we want to feel warm and cozy, the furnace unit will take about 2 hours, none stop, to reach the desired temperature. The same will happen in the summer, the residence will get too hot and the air conditioner will not stop for 2 or more hours to reach that desired temperature.

The idea to keep the A/C or furnace unit on is this; keep the cold or hot air flowing throughout the day. That is correct, when no one is home, adjust your thermostat a few degrees, do not turn it off. As an example, during the winter, when at home be at 71 degrees, when leaving home lower the thermostat to 62 degrees. In the summer, when you are at home, the same temperature, let’s say, 71 degrees, and when no one is home, set it at 85 degrees.

As a matter of fact, every degree will impact your electricity bill by $10. Just think about that.

Bonus. 1.1. Keep your ceiling fans on. Help to circulate the hot or cold air.

2. Wash and dry your clothes at night.

This idea has nothing to do with free nights energy plans, not at all.

This task always must be done after 9 PM. The main reason is that we want to help the house temperature. With the same token, this will help the heating and cooling system. Washing and drying machines generate heat, and the nights are colder, with that said, the desired temperatures will be helped while doing our laundry.

Bonus 2.1. When doing laundry, use full loads.

3. Save water, especially hot water.

In all honesty, we rarely need hot water. We love hot showers, yes. However, there are many times that without noticing we open the faucet to get water and we are pulling hot water when we just need water. This action will make your water heater use the water from its tank, you never really used the hot water because it never reached your hands. That portion of water dragged from the water heater tank will need to be replaced with cold water coming from the utility which comes cold. The water heater has a thermostat that always keeps the water at a certain temperature.

Bonus 3.1. Set the water heater thermostat to warm, never hot.

4. Blinds and curtains, closed in the summer, open in the winter.

Help yourself and your electricity bill with our best friend, the SUN.

5. Replace the light bulbs with LEDs

This might be an investment but it is worth every penny. Go to Home Depot, great ideas and products.

6. Energy Star appliances.

While shopping for new appliances, you can see the Energy Star labels which tell you how energy efficient that appliance is and gives you an idea of how much energy you can save.

To conclude, these are just a few ideas that are easy to implement.

Now, the best way to see if any of these efforts is to work and keep doing them is by noticing your energy savings. The only way to see that is by knowing your energy consumption every day. Then, the only way to see your energy usage is with daily text notifications of energy usage.

The only way to see your daily energy consumption is with Payless Power prepaid electricity service.

You can follow our Facebook page where we post all our blogs about energy-saving tips and how to manage your electricity at home.

Remember that having a low energy rate is not the only way to pay less for the electricity that we all need to power our lives. Use less energy, and be smart and while doing all these, we will live on a better planet.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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