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Solar Panels System Saves Lives

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Image healthier planet
The benefits of having Solar Panels

A healthier way of living with a Solar Panels System

Our advice: Hire a Solar Panel System to obtain energy for your home or business.

Our planet is overpopulated by 300% How can we meet the needs we need to survive?

We rarely ask ourselves where the products we consume day after day come from, such as gasoline, natural gas, electricity, water, internet, etc. Fortunately living in Texas these essential needs, we received much easier than in other parts of the world.

The electricity for our home or for our business is primary and very important for everything to work properly. With just a phone call we get them. But our electricity is not easy to produce there are many and many things involved.

The non-renewable resources needed to produce energy comes at a very high cost and a part of it causes irreversible damage to the planet.

Chernobyl nuclear disaster ($ 235 billion)

BP oil spill ($ 68 billion)

The disaster of Fukushima ($ 187 billion)

These were some events that damaged the planet. For what? For the generation of energy.

Electricity Express Recommends the Use of Solar Panels

With the extreme heat of summer, more energy from the grid is required to cool our home and keep food in good condition. In winter we want a warm temperature, however, a massive demand for energy can produce a blackout.

Solar Panels help reduce the energy demand of the grid.

The Solar Panels System helps greatly reduce the damage to the planet. By contracting them with Electricity Express you will not be guilty of that alteration that our land suffers, furthermore, you will be happy to collaborate with the health of the planet.

The production of energy by means of nuclear and fossil fuels requires a serious amount of water resources that cause large-scale water pollution. The Solar Panel System does not require water.

With the production of solar energy, we want to reduce CO2 emissions.

As a final point, only a few figures: Carbon emissions were reduced by 74 million metric tons, equivalent to:

  • Closed 18 coal power plants.

  • Remove 15.8 million vehicles from the highway.

  • 8.3 billion gallons of unused gasoline.

  • Planted more than 1.9 billion trees.

Help yourself to reduce your energy consumption with these ideas in my Power Blog.

Call today for your hassle-free evaluation of solar panels.

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