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Solar Energy for Your Home.

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

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Solar is a great option

Here are the top 10 reasons to go SOLAR ENERGY for your home.

Since 2012 the demand for SOLAR PANELS for homes has grown more than 76%

ELECTRICITY EXPRESS specializing in the system and installation of solar panels offers you 10 reasons to hire them.

1.- Money, money, money.

Saving money is the main reason that people look for. With solar panels, a saving of approximately 90% on the electricity bill is achieved.

If you have a monthly expense of $ 200 for electricity, the solar panels will be reduced to $ 20. This means that you will save more than $ 2,000 per year in electricity.

2.- The savings start from the first day.

From the first day of the installation of the solar panels, you will see that your electricity consumption will be drastically reduced. With zero or small down payment, you get your solar panels.

3.- The value of the home increases.

If you are thinking about buying a house and while looking for a house you see that there is a house with solar panels installed, see the added value. This means that you will benefit in value and electrical efficiency. Ask the right questions; when the solar panels were installed, how much time is left on the warranty, how efficient are they, how much does the house pay for electricity per month, etc.

4.- Savings on your bill.

Electricity rates increase by 4% per year. This will never happen with the solar panels that Electricity Express offers. The payments toward financing your solar panels will be the same for the rest of the loan.

5.- Great incentives.

About 30% of the total cost of the solar panel system will be returned to the customer. This is due to the federal solar tax credit. If the system is worth $25,000, the client will be refunded approximately $7,500.

6.- The best investment for your house.

Electricity Express will continue to help save money for its customers. We mentioned before the increase in energy rates. Electricity Express guarantees an energy tariff for the next 20 years.

7.-Assured performance.

After installing the solar panels, you will have a 25-year warranty. It is known as a performance guarantee. The system will remain at 80% capacity after 40 years.

8.- Live outside the GRID.

Most of the electricity demand comes from non-renewable resources: Oil, coal, and natural gas. These are limited, so their cost increases every year.

By living outside the GRID, it keeps us a little further away from the demand for non-renewable resources to have electricity.

9.- It has never been so easy to use solar energy.

Electricity Express will help you with everything you need. Design, financial summary, permits, installation, programming, and maintenance software.

10. Be an environmentalist.

When the decision is made to contract the solar panel system, it is initially to save money. But we must not forget what will benefit the environmental impact that is already very affected.

With solar panels, approximately 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide is eliminated in 20 years. You will be proud to contribute to the health of the planet.

Call today to schedule your free solar consultation.

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