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Home Electricity without a Credit Check

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Newspaper boy saying, home electricity without a credit check
Keep your information safe

Advantages of Prepaid Electricity for Texas – No Credit Check

Powering our home with a good electricity company might be a predicament. At Smart Choice Power, we believe that an electricity service should be hassle-free, fast, and easy to get. Since the energy deregulation in Texas, we can see electricity companies come and go. With that said, just a few energy companies stand strong. When choosing your new electricity company, we suggest you understand how the two main types of services you can get. There are plans that will send you a monthly statement, in other words, the energy plans with a contract, and the prepaid electricity plans, which will not be held with a contract, will not ask for a deposit, will not check your credit, etc.

The fastest way to get residential electricity

Prepaid electricity is the fastest way to have a home powered by electricity. There are several reasons for this.

No credit check needed to get electricity

Since prepaid electricity does not require credit verification, then there is no information to be asked to the credit bureaus. As a customer, you can rest assured that your personal information will not be asked for. Keep your social security number, or driver’s license number, the prepaid electricity company will not ask for that information. I think this is one of the greatest advantages of prepaid electricity for Texas.

Energy companies with contract plans ask for social security numbers and/or deposits. This is because the customer will borrow the electricity and then he/she will pay for it. A single-family can add more than $500 in electricity in a month, and that is a lot of money. The electricity companies borrow to the final consumer thousands and thousands of dollars. These energy companies need to make sure that their customers pay their bills. Having a credit check or a deposit will make the customer think twice before not paying their electricity bill or switching to a new energy provider.

Buying your home energy in advance is like buying gasoline for your car. Gasoline and electricity are very similar, both are energy sources. If we prepay for the gasoline we add to our cars, which takes us to work and school, why we don’t do the same to power our homes to keep us cool in the summer or cozy in the winter?

I can assure you that with prepaid electricity you can save more than a bundle on your electricity budget. I will explain more features in future blogs.

For energy saving ideas, follow our power blog.

Get your electricity connected today and keep your social security number safe. We do Home electricity without a credit check.

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