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Save Electricity Texas Summertime 2

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Save Electricity Texas Summertime

More ideas on how to keep your electric bill as low as possible. Save electricity Texas summertime tip for today, keep your fridge door closed.

I think this is idea has common sense to everyone, however, I did not know the huge impact this is. Of course, when we open the fridge, warm air comes in. Now, do you know how does that impact your energy usage?

For every 60 seconds, we leave our fridge door open, it takes one hour to reach its temperature that is set to keep the food refrigerated.

Taking into consideration the high temperatures in Texas, and the refrigerator to be one of the appliances that consume most of the electricity we pay every month. This is an easy task to learn and teach our young ones; get what you need and close the door.

Wait until cool off. After cooking a meal and the leftovers need to be inside the fridge, wait until that meal is completely cool so you won’t bring any warm temperature items into the fridge.

Clean and do not clog. Keeping your fridge clean is healthy, having too many items will make it harder to function efficiently. Clean your fridge and change filters every 6 months.

Save Electricity Texas Summertime with these other ideas.

Like the fridge, we want to keep our house cool as much as we can. Our A/C works for our house as the fridge does for our food. Let’s help our A/C to be more efficient by keeping the doors closed, especially the entrances. In our rooms the ceiling fans on and drapes, curtains or blinds are closed.

Keep the warm air our and the cool air in and circulating in each room.

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