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Save Electricity at Home with Smart Outlets

Lower Electricity Bills. Smart Power Strips
Lower Your Energy Usage

Many times, people tell me that their electricity company charges them too much. In most cases, I see that the problem is not the electricity company. The big problem is that we do not know how to reduce electricity consumption at home. Of course, the electricity rate has an impact on what we are going to pay the electricity company. However, energy consumption is much more important than the electricity rate. Try and Save Electricity at Home with Smart Outlets.

Everything that is Connected Consumes Electricity

Practically, almost everything that is connected to an outlet is going to consume electricity. From the coffee maker, the stove, the television, the internet, the chargers, etc. All these electronic devices have a standby mode, so they are at your disposal anytime you need them. There may be little electricity consumed by each of these devices. Still, if we put them all together, it does make a big difference. On this website, there are many ideas on how to lower the energy consumed at home. If you follow these ideas, you can pay less than 50% of what you currently pay on your electricity bill.

Unplug these electronics and save electricity

  • Small appliances

The coffee maker, the blender, the mini oven, the food processors, and these types of electronics. Some have a clock, which consumes energy, and is not necessary to have it plugged in.

  • Chargers

Any charger may be consuming electricity, if you don't know, unplug it.

  • Entertainment systems

These are always on standby as they are remote-controlled. Plug it in when you need it.

  • Computers

It is not recommended to leave the computer “sleeping”. If a lightning flash comes, it may be that the computer or the screen is damaged.

Save Electricity at Home with Smart Outlets

Smart Power Strip
Smart Power Strip

I understand that it is a hassle to be unplugging every electronic device that is in the house. If there are electronics that should be connected all the time. Therefore, smart outlets exist. These outlets help you to not pass electricity to certain outlets that are not in use, and nothing happens if they are not receiving power.

With these smart outlets, you can choose which electronics you will leave in standby mode, and which will be complete without electricity.

These are the electronics you should leave connected

  • TV

  • Internet and router

  • Stove

  • Clothes washer and dryer

Most of these appliances are plugged into an outlet that is not easily accessible. On the other hand, new televisions are already smart and consume very little electricity when in standby mode. Many of us have multiple devices connected to the internet. Our cell phones, air conditioning, alarm, etc. They are connected to the internet and that is how it should be. Regarding the washing machine and clothes dryer, normally the sockets are in the back, and it is not easy to reach that outlet to disconnect them. Still, typically if they don't have a digital screen, they're not consuming electricity. Save Electricity at Home with Smart Outlets

Follow more of my tips like this in my BLOG and you will see that you can save more than 50% of electricity.

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