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Residential Electricity Pay No Deposit

The electricity service for our home is very necessary. These days there are many light companies

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that offer energy service with free nights or that we do not pay energy on weekends. Of course they are good promotions and they are very attractive. Even so, we must know how to compare and choose the right residential electricity plan for each of us. The reason for this is because not everyone uses electricity in the home in the same way.

Now, all the electricity companies that offer a residential electricity contract will do a credit check. The reason for this is because the customer will use the energy in his home and after a month he will pay it. A customer can accumulate hundreds of dollars in a month of electricity service. The light companies have to make sure that the client will pay for the light service and having the client's personal information, such as the social security number, then you can be more sure that the client will pay his electricity bill.

Residential electricity without credit

In the event that the client does not have enough credit or cannot provide any way to review the credit, then the light company will see some way to ensure that the client does not leave an unpaid invoice. Simply put, without credit, a deposit will be charged. It is the hook, so the power company makes sure that the customer thinks twice before not paying his electricity bill or changing his light company.

Now, here we have the solution if you do not have enough credit or do not want to pay a deposit to connect your electricity service.

Residential electricity without paying deposit

Use your money wisely. With prepaid electricity they do not have to pay a deposit. As the name of the product says, PREPAID ELECTRICITY, the customer is paying the light in advance. As we do with the gasoline we put in our car, we always pay for it and then use it. It is the same idea with home prepaid power.

Residential electricity companies that charge a deposit keep that deposit and rarely return it to the customer. With prepaid electricity, the money charged to start the electricity service is to buy electricity. The energy to be used in the coming days is purchased.

The difference of paying a deposit to connect the electricity in your home.

Let's say a customer buys $ 100 of prepaid power, and the rate is $ 0.12 (12 cents) so the customer is buying approximately 850 kilowatts of electricity. Conservatively an apartment can spend around 20 kilowatts a day, so that $ 100 can last approximately 43 days. So, in this example the client invested $ 100.

Now, if the customer has no credit, a $ 250 deposit is normally paid. If the electricity contract rate averages 0.10 (10 cents) then the difference is approximately 150 kilowatts ($ 100 X 0.10 / kw = 1000 kw). This is around $ 15.

In conclusion. I will calculate the difference between $ 15 dollars a month difference between the monthly prepaid electric payments and a $ 250 deposit. It would be $ 250 to start the electricity service with deposit, we divide it by the difference that is $ 15, this will give us the amount of months to recover the investment of $ 250 from the electricity deposit. $ 250 / $ 15 = 16.7 months. This means that the deposit would be recovered in more than 16 months.

Choose for residential power without deposit, if you have no credit, choose prepaid power. It suits you in every possible way. Believe me, I use prepaid electricity and it helps me bake every month.

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