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Power Outages, Who to Call When the Power Goes Out

Black out cartoon
What to do in a power outage

When the power goes out, the first thing I wonder is if the problem is in my house or the whole block is out of power.

Only me ran out of power.

If I see that it’s only my house that does not have electricity, the second thing goes to my mind is if I paid my electricity bill. Well, if I did pay my electricity bill then my next step is to see if the problem is from my end or all this problem is someone else’s fault.

Check and reset the breakers.

This simple task, however, the fuse box can be hidden or in a complicated place to reach. In some cases, especially in apartments, the fuse or breaker box is inside a closet.

In my case, the breaker box is in the garage, however, it’s located in a very complicated place since I already put like a hundred moving boxes in front of it.

Anyways, what we want to do is to see if any of the breakers went to “off” position, then, reset the breakers. Just switch each breaker from “on” to “off” and from “off” to “on” position. This will reset the breakers.

When to call the electricity company.

If resetting the breakers does not resolve the problem, then call your electricity company and see if there is a problem. If they do not see that the problem is on their end, my suggestion is for you to contact the utility.

When to contact the utility company.

Remember that the utility company is not the one who is selling the electricity, they just deliver the power through the power lines, all the way to the meter.

There is a possibility that there is a problem with the meter, power lines or transformers. The utility is the only on that can repair this kind of problems.

Utility phone numbers by area:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth area: Oncor - 888 313 6862

  • Houston area: CenterPoint - 800 332 7143

  • The Valley area: AEP - 877 373 4858

  • Texas New Mexico Power - 888 866 7456

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