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Electricity at Home is a Need. Electricity Vs COVID-19

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Home Electricity is Needed in this Crisis

Save electricity in this hard times.
The planet is sick, we are not

The world is collapsing but you don’t have to. Life goes on and we need to implement our survival skills. In all this chaos, there is a huge bright side, families are home, working or not, this is the moment to be together, regroup and energize again.

Some electricity companies are doing changes that will affect all of us.

  • Credit score criteria to pass the credit verification. Higher credit score to pass and no need to pay a deposit.

  • Higher electricity rates. While the summer approaches and we are expecting a hot summer, energy rates will increase.

  • High deposits. With this uncertainty, a way for the energy companies to make sure that the new customers will stay and pay their bills, they are asking for a record-high deposit to start an electricity service if the credit score was not approved for service without paying a deposit.

Solutions: stay with your energy company, if you need a new one, get prepaid electricity with no deposit needed and the rates are very similar. If you already have prepaid electricity, load as much money as you can, and do not let the balance go lower than $50. See below what I think about your gas tank.

Save electricity while working from home

Many of us have the ability to work from home. At the same time, the bills will not wait. We all are listening to the news that help is on the way, they are just figuring out how is the best way to help. However, this does not mean that we can just use all our resources and not pay attention to our budget. Some spending will decrease, and some will increase. Let’s take a look at this.

Savings while working from home:

  • Gasoline. Staying home will halt the use of our cars, thus less gasoline spending. However, keeping your car with a full tank is a good idea.

  • Toll roads. Likewise, we are not using the streets and toll roads to get to work.

  • Eat out. It’s time to be closer to our family, eating at home will save you hundreds of dollars per month.

Things that will get more expensive:

  • Gas. If you have natural gas, your natural gas usage will increase. While I have not seen any changes in natural gas prices, they will increase.

  • New electricity service. Electricity companies are changing their rates. Since we are expecting a hot summer, energy companies will change their rates soon. As I mentioned above, some companies already made those changes.

  • Current electricity service. Your energy usage will increase by a minimum of 30%, with more air conditioners, more computers and devices charging, and more use of TVs, lights, stoves, etc.

  • Mortgage and rent. While we have heard about the help on rent and mortgage, this is just a delay of payments, this is not that the government will pay your rent or mortgage. The main idea is to stop the payments while in crisis and resume the payments when all is back to normal. This means that you may skip a payment or two, however, we will need to pay those payments that we skipped.

Crisis brings opportunities, we just need to find them.

Your employer halts your job temporarily. It is time to see other avenues. Se what your community needs. If you were in the service industry like a server, cook, housekeeper, etc. I know how hard this is, I was in the service industry in 9-11 and we got a big hit. Then what happened? we prevailed.

I have seen how restaurants have put their waiters to deliver food. Search for a job online etc. The most important thing is to stay calm as you don't know exactly how long this will last.

Electricity at home is a need.

Take care of your electricity, you could live without natural gas. However, living without water or electricity is hard.

Use prepaid electricity and try your best to keep energy usage controlled. Remember that prepaid electricity will tell you how much electricity you use every day.

Follow our blog with hundreds of recommendations on how to save energy at home.

Connect your electricity fast and easy today with Payless Power.

No Deposit.

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