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Payless electricity at home 7

Payless electricity at home

On other occasions, we have talked about how much energy our air conditioning consumes. On this occasion, we will return to talk about this appliance, which is the one that uses the most energy in our house. We are going to help your air conditioning to be even more efficient and pay less for electricity at home.

Changing the filter every 3 months is a good way to start and keep your air conditioner in good condition. We can still do more for our A / C unit. I write this blog with a very easy-to-apply example. In fact, this problem happened to me, and I would like it not to happen to you and that you can save electricity and pay less for repairs.

Payless electricity at home and A / C maintenance

What happened to me was this. Working at home, I suddenly realize that the temperature is starting to rise. Remember that we are in the middle of summer. I go to see the thermostat and see that it was 5 degrees higher than the temperature I wanted. I check the cooling unit inside and see that it has no problem. I noticed that the vents weren't pushing cold air and it was also very little air. I go out to see the unit outside and see that it was not working. He wasn't pushing air into the house. Since I am not an A / C expert, I spoke to a technician.

Let's save electricity with this simple A / C tip

Well, the only thing the technician did was clean the coils in the A / C unit. 1. On the outside unit, each side of the A / C has slits which are the capacitors or coil. 2. Reset the switch. If these are filled with dirt, leaves, and trash then they get hot and cause the A / C unit to stop working.

To clean the coils, you just have to grab a water hose and clean it from top to bottom. You don't need to open anything or take anything apart. I recommend doing this every 4 months.

What if this problem is not fixed?

If we don't fix the problem with the outside A / C unit. The unit inside will not stop running. You will use a lot of electricity and you will get a bill of up to 50% more than what you are used to.

Here I will leave a video and see how simple it is.

Remember that with prepaid electricity you can realize high energy consumption the next day. You don't have to wait a month to see what happened or how much electricity was used.

Cheaper electricity for everyone, take care of the electricity in your home.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No Deposit Electricity



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