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Save Electricity Texas Summertime 5

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Save Electricity Texas Summertime 5

Washing machine
Help yourself and save money doing laundry

There is always room for improvement. At the same time, I can add that there is always a way to save energy, thus pay less on our electricity bill. You know me, all I do is to give you ideas on how to lower your energy consumption. On this occasion, we will talk about our clothes washing machine.

We have talked about the importance to make our laundry and how that impacts our energy efficiency at home. This time I will add a quick video of how I use the washing machine at home and save electricity.

Save Electricity Texas Summertime 5 Washing Machine Settings

Of course, this is a suggestion, when you do your laundry, you can use the setting as you like, however, the way I am about to show you, I save about $300 per year on my electricity bill.

With no more to say, here is the way I save money time and pay less electricity.

  • Full loads. Believe it or not, I wash and dry clothes once a month.

  • Check the correct water level.

  • Check the temperature. This is one of the most important steps. I ONLY use warm (not even HOT) water. I use warm water for white clothing. All other clothes are supposed to be washed with cold water. This will help your clothes to last longer.

  • Wash and dry your clothes at night. Probably the next most important step. At night the temperatures are cooler, you will be helping your air conditions to work fewer times.

Since doing laundry is not one of my favorite things to do, I just do this, and I completely forget about laundry for a month.

There, I hope you can save as much money as I do.

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