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Save Electricity Texas Summertime 4

Save Electricity Texas Summertime 4

A little help from your ceiling fans and Save Electricity Texas Summertime 4.

Texas can reach extremely high temperatures during the summer. It is up to us to let the energy run and waste all our money or to give our home a little hand and help with a few ideas that will not take much of our time but will lower your electricity bill.

This blog is referring to the ceiling fans we have at home that can help you save a few bucks and feel cooler, especially in the summertime. Well, now that we are talking about them and we will be getting closer to them, it is a good idea to give them a good clean. Our ceiling fans are those appliances that some people do not even know why they exist but honestly, they are especially useful and energy-saving items.

Save Electricity Texas Summertime 4 – Ceiling Fans

With no further introduction, hands-on this tip and Save Electricity Texas Summertime 4 with your ceiling fan.

Many years ago, I thought that there was no difference in how the ceiling fans rotate. Here is the difference.

Summertime. Make the rotation in the direction that will push the air down. Many years ago, I thought that this was to make the airflow throughout the house and help the A/C work fewer times. Well, this is not the main reason, this is for the air to touch our skin thus we feel cooler. With this said, we do not need to have the A/C thermostat at lower temperatures. So, turn on the ceiling fans and raise the A/C thermostat temperature one or 2 degrees.

Remember that one-degree difference on your A/C will transform into $20 - $30 per month.

Wintertime. In wintertime we rarely use ceiling fans, however, this can help too. Rotation needs to be set in the opposite direction. This will push up and then down the hot air coming from the furnace. Most of our air ducts are up high close to the ceiling. Hot air is light and the ceiling fan pushing the air and circulates throughout the house.

Here is a quick video on how to change the direction of your ceiling fan.

Thank you for your reading.

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