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Payless electricity after the winter storm

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Payless electricity after the winter storm

It is time to switch to a new energy company. The main reason is that many energy companies are struggling with the aftermath of the winter storm that hit Texas in February. I do not wish anyone bad, however, this past winter storm put many small and medium energy companies in a difficult situation as they were unable to supply all of their customers and needed to increase their rates.

Not to mention, they can't send overdue invoices to their customers. Still, the fight for small energy companies is getting worse by the day. Customers are delaying their payments as much as possible, asking for more and more time to pay, etc.

Time to payless electricity after the winter storm

Be careful with your next electric bill, see if there are surcharges or other charges that weren't there last month. What I can tell you is that your energy use will double or triple, please be careful and read your bill carefully and do the correct math to calculate if you are billed correctly.

A good way to understand how electricity works and see if your energy-saving efforts are working is to have prepaid electricity, especially if you use Payless Power as your electricity provider.

PayLess Electricity with Payless Power

Its billing method helps you see how much energy you use every day. In this way, you will make decisions about how to make better use of your appliances. For example, there is a better time to do laundry, cook, shower, etc.

I encourage you to use less energy, not just because I want you to save money. We really need to help our planet. We do this type of winter storms and climate change.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No Deposit Electricity


Energy plans and sign-ups, click here

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