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It’s Ok to Turn Off Your A/C

It’s Ok to Turn Off Your A/C
Lower Your Energy Bills Today

We are at that time of the year when it’s Ok to turn off your A/C or heating system. Winter electricity bills are around the corner and they are coming hot. However, we can start thinking about the next few electricity bills where we can beat the system and lower our energy usage.

Lower Your Energy Usage at Home

This trick is so simple and can save you about $200 on the next 2 energy bills.

  1. Check the weather

  2. Talk to your family and see if they are up to the challenge

  3. Turn off your thermostat

  4. Make sure no one touches the thermostat

  5. Get blankets ready in case it gets cold overnight

  6. Shorten your showers

  7. Open curtains and blinds for natural light

  8. Use your ceiling fans (make sure the air is flowing downward)

Let’s use the weather to our advantage and lower our energy bills and pay less on the next few electricity bills.

I turn off the A/C and this is what happened

I just moved to a new home in North Dallas. Since I want to challenge myself to use the least energy possible, this is what I did.

  1. I chose a prepaid electricity company

  2. Checked the energy usage every day

  3. Replaced the air filter on the heating and A/C system

  4. Lower the thermostat on the water heater to “MEDIUM or WARM”

  5. Checked all the light fixures to avoid using too many lightbulbs at the same time

  6. Made sure the ceiling fans are spinning in the correct direction

  7. Checked for air leaks on doors and windows and sealed them

  8. Made sure of no water leaks (especially hot water)

The best way you can ensure your energy savings at home is with prepaid electricity. This is the only way to understand how many kilowatts you are using every single day. Prepaid electricity sends me a daily text or email notification with the energy I used the previous day. I noticed that when the Heating system was on, I was using around 40 kWh per day. Now that the heating system is off, I average less than 10 kWh per day. This means that instead of a $150 electricity bill, I will have around $40 to $50.

Other Ways to Save on Electricity

  1. Doing laundry at night

    1. This is a year-long procedure. Since the nights are always cooler and our washer and dryer generate heat, this helps us to keep our A/C or heating system running fewer times.

  2. Save water

    1. When we need water from the faucet, many times we don’t notice that we are opening the hot water tap. Hot water is not always necessary. In case you need hot water ONLY, try to recycle the cold water coming from the faucet while you wait for the hot water.

  3. Ceiling fans

    1. I know I mentioned above, however, keep in mind that we want to help the heating and A/C unit to work less.

Challenge yourself and your family and see what is the lowest energy usage possible at home. As a reminder, the only way to know how much energy you use every day is with prepaid electricity with Payless Power.

For more energy-saving ideas, follow our blog.

Get prepaid electricity with Payless Power.

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