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New Electricity Generation

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We need to turn to a New Electricity Generation.

New Energy Generation
New Energy Generation

I understand that is not easy with our technology, this challenge is getting cheaper and easier than ever, and it will continue to get cheaper and easier to reach New Electricity Generation thanks to new technology.

Yes, our planet has what it takes to generate electricity in a renewable and sustainable way. Plants with sun and water. Through the photosynthesis plants generate CO2 O2, underground is produce C6 H12 O2 which helps to generate protons and electrons and from here electricity. Watch this video to learn more.

Most energy is produced by non-renewable sources and we are killing it, even our planet heals itself, however, we are producing more trash than what the planet can recycle.

New Electricity Generation takes a long time to develop and we have known a lot of experiments that were successful, somehow the governments shut them down because it is not convenient.

Why new ideas for new energy generation fail

Imagine a world of free renewable energy… Well, this is going to happen, however, if this happens, economies all over the world will be affected tremendously. The energy industry brings, in some countries, more than 50% of the internal revenue. Governments can’t let this happen, so they find a way to keep all these inventions under the light. Watch this video.

Either way, we need energy to power the devices that make our life easier, while we wait for all this energy needed become cheaper and easier to get, we still need to get the energy the way the governments want.

Cheap electricity when we use less energy

At the same time, let's try to do this the best way. Let me tell you that I want to share with you how I do my part. I save as much energy at home, if you save energy you will pay less for what you use every day. Small changes will make you save your electricity consumption.

Today’s tip is:

Clean the dryer's filter, every load. Aside from that if you don’t do this, it could be a fire hazard, this helps your clothes dryer to flow more air and use less effort and energy and heat to have the work done. Don’t forget the other tip to wash and dry your clothes at night.

Having a low energy rate is not the only way to pay less for electricity.

Having a cheap light company is not the only thing.

To pay less electricity it is necessary to save energy. One of my sayings is… “having a low electricity rate saves me hundreds of dollars, lowering my energy consumption saves me thousands of dollars”.

That's right, we have many ways to save energy at home. Every moment we can be saving light and thus pay less on the electricity we pay each month. For example, if I have an average usage of 1000 kWh per month and pay 10 cents, then my bill of light will be around $ 100. If under my 9 cents light rate with a new light company, then I will be paying around $ 90 a month.

Now, with better use of heating and air conditioning, I can save more than $ 20 a month. That's right, each degree of difference in the thermostat can save $ 10 a month.

Follow our blog for more ideas on how to save light at home.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No deposit electricity


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