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How to Get Home Electricity in Texas

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

How to Get Home Electricity in Texas
See the difference

Basically, there are 2 ways to get home electricity in Texas.

  1. Checking your credit or

  2. With prepaid electricity

Home Electricity with Credit Check

The energy companies who check your credit will ask for at least 650 points to pass the credit check and not charge you a security deposit. These energy companies want to make sure that the customer is trustworthy enough to pay the electric bill.

What can happen if a customer does not pay the electric bill?

Well, the energy company will not damage your credit, however, they will send your unpaid balance to a collection company. Now, these collection companies can ruin your credit. Even if it’s for $150. It will show on your credit report as ‘unpaid utilities. Let me tell you that ‘unpaid utilities’ are worse than unpaid credit cards. The reason is that the credit bureau will see it as if you can’t even take care of your basic needs.

Prepaid Home Electricity

This type of electricity service is much simpler. Like pumping gas to your car, you are adding kilowatts to your electric meter. In order to drive around, you go to the gas station and buy gasoline. We always prepaid the gasoline we use in our cars. Why not do the same for the energy that powers our homes?

Using the same example, the gas station doesn’t run your credit every time you are filling up your gas tank. Pumping gas into your car is a very simple thing to do, why home electricity should be different?

As mentioned above, prepaid electricity is very similar. You are buying the energy that your home will be using in the next few days. You can pre-buy as many kilowatts as you like. Since you are buying the energy in advance, there is no need to ask for your credit score.

Save Electricity at Home Knowing Your Usage

Going back to the same example. When we see our gas gauge going left and almost empty, we stop by the gas station and get more gas.

Measure your electricity savings with prepaid electricity

Prepaid electricity will send you daily text or email notifications of usage, balance, and estimated time to run out of energy. With this information, you can see how your appliances work more efficiently, budget yourself throughout the month, and more importantly, when it’s time to add more kilowatts to your account.

No Credit Check Home Electricity

It will be funny if we go to the gas station and the station clerk starts asking us for our address, social security number, date of birth, etc. Then wait for the credit score to show and then he will decide if we are worthy of a few gallons of gas.

At Payless Power, on prepaid products, we do not ask for any of this important and sensitive information. Just buy as much electricity as you need, and you will get your home electricity in minutes.

This is How to Get Home Electricity Texas, fast and easy.

So, since we don’t ask for good credit to start your new home electricity service. And you are buying the energy in advance, we don’t wait for a credit score to come back, we just send the order to the utility right away. Usually, it takes about 30 minutes to one hour to get the home lights up and running.

Don’t wait for someone to ruin your credit. Come to Payless Power and see the difference.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No Deposit Electricity


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