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Home Electricity Awareness Power Outages

Updated: May 20, 2020

Power lines with Power Outage text
Home Electricity Awareness Power Outages

Home Electricity Awareness Power Outages

When the summer is fading away, rain season comes back. Sometimes power outages are present, Home Electricity Awareness Power Outages.

When thunderstorms strike, higher chances that our home electricity will go out.

Things that we need to have handy in case of a power outage:

  • Flashlights for every member of the family.

  • Candles in each room of the house.

  • Medical kit, everyone in the family needs to know where it is.

  • Water, bottled.

  • Fuses; make sure are for your home fuse box.

  • Batteries, extra for each flashlight and radio.

  • Radio, battery operated and make sure everyone knows how to tune the weather alert station.

  • Keep a thermometer in your refrigerator.

As listed above, make sure everyone in the house knows how to use such devices. Know a safe place to gather.

During a power outage, assume that you do not know how long it will last. Commonly, thanks to technology, home electricity is restored within minutes. However, you will never know.

For this reason, and disregarding that it may take a few minutes for the power to come back, act.

  • Get your flashlights and/or candles.

  • Make sure your neighbours are in the same situation, no home electricity.

  • Tune in the weather forecast station on your radio.

  • Check your fuse box. Sometimes the power is back, and your neighbours have not repaired their fuses. After all, a fuse box reset may be the only thing needed.

  • See what the most important things in your refrigerator are. Check the temperature often, if important food

  • gets hotter than 40°F get them into an ice chest.

  • Have your medical kit handy.

  • Use your mobile devices to the minimum, emergencies only.

If the power outage is not only for in your home, the responsibility to restore it will be the utility.

Texas Utility phone numbers by area:

Oncor, Dallas / Fort Worth: 1-888-313-4747

Centerpoint, Houston: 1-800-332-7143

AEP Central and AEP North, South Texas / The Valley: 1-866-223-8508

TNMP (Texas New Mexico Power): 1-888-866-7456


Map of Texas Utilities
Map of Texas Utilities

A few extra things you can do while the power outage.

Unplug all from power outlets. When home electricity is restored, sometimes it comes back too strong and can damage your electronics, especially the ones that are on “stand by” mode. Check those devices in this other blog about vampire appliances

  • Maintain calm and have things ready to pass time.

  • Talk about an emergency plan.

  • Control your food and water supplies.

  • Save batteries life.

To conclude, I would like you to see that we are not just a sales channel. We know that we can help, from giving advise in case of emergency too, what we are all about, save energy and pay less for power.

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