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Energy Generation Ocean Waves

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Image of Wavestar facility
Energy Generation Ocean Waves - Wavestar

New technology Energy Generation Ocean Waves

By next year this product will be rocking the world, Energy Generation Ocean Waves. As solar and wind power generation is pollution-free and more powerful than both combined. The name: Wave Star.

The facility will convert kinetic wave power into electricity, located in Denmark. It uses gigantic floats that move with the ocean waves, consequently, the movement transferred to hydraulic rods to rotate to a power generator.

Never-stop (unless the moon disappears) movement generating power. In full operation, 20 floats can produce up to 6 megawatts of energy. Energy Generation Ocean Waves.

How much are 6 megawatts of energy?

Thus, a single station can produce enough electricity to power 4,000 houses.

If you remember, as mentioned in other blogs, most of our energy is produced by coal and oil, which are not renewable elements and we are getting short on that. We need to focus on other ways to generate our electricity. Energy Generation Ocean Waves is like thinking outside the box.

New energy generation save money.

In comparison to solar and wind energy generation, these facilities are less maintenance required and more powerful energy generation. Wind turbines need more maintenance, do not produce as much energy and there are more restrictions to get a wind power farm up and running.

Energy Generation Ocean Waves is the solution. If we could use just 0.1% of the kinetic wave power, we could be generating 5 times world energy demand.

Overall, this is my No. 1 solution for renewable power generation. Energy Generation Ocean Waves.

There are a lot of countries that can take advantage of this technology, however, I see a lot of stops from governments since as you know all good inventions get disappeared or lost. Simply because the governments want a piece of the cake and we just want to have better solutions for our planet.

Energy Generation Ocean Waves is one great solution for renewable energy generation.

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