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Winter Electricity Bills are Coming Hot

Updated: Mar 6

Yes, some of us like the winter, especially after a hot summer with more than 45 days over 100 degrees F. We had a few days with freezing temperatures, slippery-scary roads, school closures, etc. With that said, some of us are done with this winter. But wait, winter is not over yet. Our energy usage goes to the roof and with that, winter electricity bills are coming hot.

I have posted many times on how to manage our appliances during the winter, especially our thermostat (read more).

Electricity Prices in Texas Now Vs. 2020

Back in 2020, in Texas, we were paying around 10 cents per kWh for our home electricity. Now, in 2023, the average electricity rate is at 14.8* cents per kWh. This is more than a 40% increase in just 2 years. And guess what? The electricity prices are not going back to what they used to be. Check this out… “NEW YORK, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Wholesale U.S. power prices are broadly expected to drop in 2023 as the cost of natural gas falls and cheap renewable electricity expands, government data and industry analysts said on Tuesday. Cheaper power has implications for U.S. industry struggling with rising inflation”. Source: Reuters

The main problem is that energy prices fluctuate because most of our electricity comes from non-renewable resources which we are running out of and it’s getting more expensive to get to our homes.

Do you worry about energy price fluctuation? What if I tell you that there is a way to stop worrying about your summer or electricity bills coming hot? How can you do this? Would you have peace of mind knowing how much you’ll be paying for electricity every month? Would you be able to do better home bills budget?

Many questions to address here.

Stop Worrying about Your Electricity Bills

Now it’s the time to think about future winters and crazy-hot summers to come. Crack your A/C or heating system thermostat to whatever you want. So, how can we make our energy bills stop going up and down?

There are a few (very few) electricity companies that offer an energy plan that makes the customer pay the same for electricity for the next 12 months. The way they do this is by calculating the average usage for that premise for the last few years and charging the projected energy rate, which will be higher. So, if you have not lived in the same house for the last few years, you will be paying the average usage of the family who used to live there before you. Is this fair? Also, there is a fine print on the contract that states that if you use more than expected, you’ll be responsible for the excess energy used.

How to Freeze Your Electricity Payments?

The ONLY way to pay the same on your electricity bills, summer and winter, for years to come is with solar panels. A solar system is customized to each household.

We are now offering solar panels with Proway Exteriors. We take the average usage for the previous years and calculate the current appliance's energy usage. This will give us the energy that is needed to power the house throughout the whole year. With that information, we will have the solar system size. Some months the PV system will generate more energy than is needed, and that excess energy is stored (in credits) with the utility. Then, the excess energy stored will be sent to you when it’s needed.

A PV System is NOT FREE

There is a lot of advertising out there that says that solar systems are free. This is false; they are just manipulating reality.

As mentioned above, with your average electricity usage and payments, we will make an offer for you to pay the same as you are paying right now. The best of all is that the installments to pay for the solar system will be the same for years to come. If the energy rates rise, you do not have to worry about it. You are producing your own energy.

Now, when you are finished with the solar system installments, then you will have no payments for electricity. This is when you get free electricity.

To conclude

Solar panels on rooftop
Start Saving Today. Go Solar the Proway

To stop the anxiety if your Winter Electricity Bills are Coming Hot, GO SOLAR. There is nothing to lose. Pay the same for electricity every month for years to come. Invest in your home, your home value will increase by 3-4 %.

We offer Solar Panels with Proway Exteriors.

Solar Customers Text to 469-708-5956

*Resource: PUC Texas

Not ready for Solar? Follow my blog for more energy-saving ideas.

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