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Control Your Home Electricity

Money in a light bulb
High Electricity Bills?

Every day we receive calls from potential customers. A lot of those calls are complaints, customers complaining about their electricity bill. Believe it or not, there is a way to control your home electricity.

Electricity is a commodity that is hard to live without. Get a low electricity rate is not the only thing we need to do in order to pay less for the energy we need.

First, we need to figure a way to control our home electricity.

Back in the day, and still with many electricity providers, just send a bill of the energy that we use. But, a very important question is, how to know when I’m using the most electricity?

Control your home electricity knowing when you use the most energy.

The very first thing we need to target is us. Meaning, if we really want to save on energy. For example, if you see a bill reflecting 30 days of energy usage, how can you know when did you use the most? Knowledge is power, if you know what days are the most expensive for you, you can modify your behavior and tasks that makes you use more electricity.

Daily energy consumption notifications.

This is your solution to control your home electricity. See how much electricity you use per day. This way you can change a few things, so you become more energy efficient.

A different way to see this, the temperature will not be the same in one month than the next one or the one before. If you changed your light bulbs to LEDs, how can you measure your savings if you have a monthly statement?

You can with prepaid electricity.

Prepaid electricity helps you to see how much electricity you use per day. In the beginning, this may be a little annoying, you will get used to it. But, for me, it helped me to reduce my electricity from an average of $150 per months to $50 per month.

Get your energy usage notification every day and start changing a few things you do at home and see if those things are making you save electricity.

Go prepaid with Payless Power.


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