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Concerns while Searching Energy Rates for our Home

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Careful while searching for home electricity rates

We know that it is not easy to go looking for electricity companies. We want to help you and tell you the Concerns when Looking for Home Electricity Rates.

How to know if I am doing the right thing to get a low-priced electricity rate?

Cheap Electricity - Cheap Energy Rates

Energy rates change all the time. This is due to the costs imposed by Natural Gas.

As an example, we have gas prices, which change frequently, and we do not realize it because their cost does not bother us in our pocket, and yet it happens day after day.

Energy Charge

The same goes for electricity costs for our home. The companies that sell us energy service study what will happen in the future and prepare for eventual inflation and thus protect themselves in the prices that are offered to us.

For gas stations to work effectively they need to store their product and buy it before it runs out. On the contrary, energy companies do not store electricity, they only buy bulk credits, then the grid distributes them to their final buyer.

We must pay attention to the electricity rates that the companies that sell electricity propose and not let us choose the lowest prices because we can fall into a trap.

There are 3 factors in the price of the kWh rate. This way, hire a good and cheap energy rate for your home.

This is what electricity companies charge us:

1. Energy rate.

2. Delivery charges - Utility charges.

3. Taxes

Energy rate: It is the real price of energy consumption in our home.

Delivery charges: This is what the utility charges for the distribution of electricity that reaches our homes.

Utilities in Texas

  • Dallas Fort Worth Area: Oncor 888 313 6862

  • Houston Area: CenterPoint: 800 332 7143

  • The Valley Area: AEP: 877 373 4858

  • Texas New Mexico Power: 888 866 7456

What we actually pay differs in each case, which is approximately 45% shipping and 50% cost for electricity, plus 5% tax.

Last week I was called by an electric power saleswoman. As I sell the same thing, I listen carefully to her proposal. Everything she offered was very far from reality and she never knew how to sell her product or convince me to buy it. She only gave me the energy charge.

As I have said before, I am an agent who sells residential electricity and I am convinced, for the years that I have been working on this, that telling the truth and managing customers with professionalism will make the clients hire us and remain satisfied.

So that you are convinced to obtain a good electricity rate for your home, I recommend you write down all your doubts: As energy, shipping and taxes expenses.

A good agent will help you feel confident about your best option.

Call us today to learn the truth about electric power for your home.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No Deposit Electricity


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