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Prepaid Electricity Saved My Marriage

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Prepaid Electricity Saved My Marriage
Prepaid Electricity Saved My Marriage

Prepaid Electricity Saved My Marriage

Definitely, Prepaid Electricity Saved My Marriage, let me tell you why.

Before we were using traditional home energy services, where we received a monthly statement. Most of us like this because we just wait for the bill and pay. However, we weren’t sure why or when we had more usage.

Constantly we asked ourselves; why this month the energy bill was higher than the last bill since we tried to save on energy. Or the opposite and we couldn’t figure it out. We called the energy company and they just said that the rate did not change but the usage was different.

We thought that our efforts to save energy were useless. We tried to teach our kids to turn off lights and TVs while they were not in the room and so on. It got to the point that several months in a row the home electricity bill just kept going up.

Since we moved to a large house, the mortgage was double what we used to pay. Therefore, the home electricity bill doubles too. I insisted that a house was better for all of us, yes, the bills were higher, but I insisted that this was our heritage for the kids.

My wife insisted that I was foolish and that if we were going to keep the house and her, I needed to do something about lowering those bills, especially the $600 constant home electricity bill. Prepaid Electricity Saved My Marriage.

Not long after, I studied more about a product that I personally sell, and here is why I say that Prepaid Electricity Saved My Marriage. Next, I switched the electricity provider to Payless Power.

Daily text notifications with Prepaid Electricity will save you money

As a result, I start receiving daily text notifications about my energy usage. In the beginning, was kind of annoying, I wasn’t sure what was happening, so I learned more and more. I was figuring out what appliances were consuming more energy and at what time.

As a result, combining efforts and a lot of patience, we modify a lot of daily tasks around the house. The way we use the washing and drying machine, water usage (especially hot water), air conditioner and furnace set up, windows and doors gaps and keep them closed, etc.

In conclusion, prepaid home electricity gives me the ability to see when my home energy usage is high, therefore, I see what I did to have a high energy usage and either not do that or do it in a different way.

We went from a $600 home electricity bill to a $200 energy usage in a matter of 3 months. In the mild weather months, we can run a $50 electricity usage.

If you want to save your marriage or better yet, a few hundred a year, switch to Payless Power, by far, the best-prepaid energy company out there. Great customer service, and accuracy with the meter reading.

Prepaid Electricity Saved me hundreds

Best electricity provider

  • Same day service

  • No credit check

  • Daily text notifications

  • No deposit

  • No social security number required, etc.

Call today: 1-877-578-2977

Or, if you like, you can enroll yourself

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