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5 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Updated: May 2, 2023

  1. Better use of your A/C

  2. Do laundry at night

  3. Save water

  4. Use ceiling fans

  5. Know your daily energy usage

5 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill
Ideas on how to pay less for electricity

A good way to pay less for our electricity is by having a low kilowatt rate. However, a low rate is not sufficient if we do not pay attention to our energy usage.

Here are the best 5 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

These days are uncertain (Covid-19 era), with not knowing what exactly is going to happen the next day and most of us are confined in our homes to do most of our life. Kids study from home, less commute to offices, and work more from home.

Watch your energy usage

With all these mentioned, our energy usage has gone to the roof. I have seen customers experiencing historical energy usage. In some cases, energy usage has tripled. A lot of customers call to complain about the rates but what they are not taking into consideration is their usage. Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

With most of the family at home, the A/C unit is working harder to keep us cool. Remember these few hints to manage your A/C better.

  • Never turn off your thermostat unless you are going on vacation

  • Keep air filters clean

  • Never set it lower than 70° F

  • If the house is empty for hours, set the temperature to around 80° F

There is a lot of heat generated while doing our laundry. Let us not increase the temperature of the house when the temperature of the day is at its highest. Try to do your laundry after 9 pm. It is a myth that electricity is cheaper at night. If you wash and dry your clothes at night you will be helping, your A/C unit to kick in fewer times.

Save electricity while saving water

Especially hot water, even while doing laundry, the only clothing worth washing with hot water is the whites. Also, while washing dishes, avoid hot water usage unless is totally necessary. Lastly, keep your showers as short as possible; use a timer or count 2 or 3 songs while listening to your favorite tunes. Also, set the water heater tank to WARM.

The ceiling fans have 2 purposes. Circulate the air throughout the room and make us feel cooler.

Most important to lower your electricity bill

Know your daily energy usage

If we know how much energy we are spending every day, we can figure out how to make better use of our home appliances like A/C, washer and dryer, water heater, fridge, etc. Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Only prepaid electricity can help you to see your daily energy usage.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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