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Save More Home Electricity Changing Air Conditioning Filter

Updated: May 26, 2020

Save More Home Electricity Changing Air Conditioning Filter

Save More Home Electricity Changing Air Conditioning Filter.

It is that time of the year, changing weather, seasons, allergies, etc. Save More Home Electricity Changing Air Conditioning Filter.

Supposedly, we need to do this as often as every 6 months, I recommend checking the filter every 3 months. Trust me, this is easier than you think.

Cheaper Electricity; Cleaning or Changing Your Air Filter

  • Cleaning the filter.

  • Changing the filter.

Since I bought my first house, I have tried to get the best things for the house for several reasons, however, my motivation for this is, save energy, money and time.

When it came to Save More Home Electricity Changing Air Conditioning Filter, first I did not know where to start. Since I always lived in apartments, the maintenance guys were in charge of changing or cleaning the air conditioning filters. They must do this by city code.

See the image below, do you think that thin mesh will trap any pollen? No.

Low quality air filter

Low-quality A/C filter.

After all, the leasing office did not care about the air quality in my apartment. With this said, I checked the filter and I saw they use the lowest quality and cheapest filters available, 94¢ each at Home Depot, yes, the green ones.

Right after I figure out how to change this filter in my apartment, I went and got me the best filter possible. It worth it, the $10 filter always got a rid of my allergies and a fresh scent at home.

As I have said, when I got my house, I did better than before.

Save More Home Electricity Changing Air Conditioning Filter.

Having a clean filter helps your air conditioning unit run better, less stress because the air flows better. Hence, the A/C unit turns on fewer times. As a result, saves energy, lower your home electricity bill.

Reusable A/C filter

Reusable A/C Filters

The first filter was a reusable filter, the one that you can take it from the A/C unit and wash the mesh. I do not recommend this filter. The reason why is because it is not easy to clean these filters. Messy job and takes a very long time.

To tell the truth, I thought that, with a $27 reusable filter I was going to save. I thought, no need to buy another filter in 5 years. While the label says, “lifetime Warranty”, I cared less and throw it away.

What do I recommend? Save More Home Electricity Changing Air Conditioning Filter.

Good quality air conditioner filter

Good quality filters are not that expensive. Health around the house is important, hence I’m the lookout for better quality of the air circulating, and at the same time save money on my electricity bill.

With this in mind, I found some filters, which are ULTRA ALLERGEN, clean the air of dust and pollen, and keep the air flowing.

Good quality A/C filters.

When it comes to my family health and summing save energy, I’m all about it.

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Here is how to change the A/C filter.


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