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Save More Electricity Fixing Your Home Lighting

Change your light bulbs and split your light switches.

A couple of tricks that will save you about $1,000 a year in home electricity.

Change your light bulbs.

Comparison of the 3 most common light bulbs
Compare and Save

LED light bulbs are more expensive, but the lifespan of these things is astonishing, 22 years.

We know that LED light bulbs are expensive but will save you more than a few bucks. However, not everyone can see the real impact. We did a simple math comparison and the results are better that we thought. Saving electricity so you can pay less on your energy bill. Save More Electricity Fixing Your Home Lighting.

This means that your cost of doing nothing is over $400, if you do a little and use CFL light bulbs, you will save over $300 per year. However, if you use LEDs you will save more than $350 by not replacing the light bulbs in more than 20 years. Total savings in 20 years is about $700.

This may not seem too radical and may not worth the effort. On the other hand, and the way I look at it is that 1) I don’t have to go to the store to get light bulbs, and 2) most important, I’m saving tons of energy. The environmental impact of using 12 watts per hour per light bulb instead of 60 watts it is huge.

Split your home lighting into sections.

The second trick I wanted to tell you is a bit more complicated and is very costly. Still, I have a solution for that. Split your home lighting into sections.

Rewiring your home can cost from $8,000 to $15,000. I do not recommend doing this unless you are planning a total home renovation. Just keep reading to find the “other” way to do this trick.

So, in the case that you are planning a total home makeover, let the electricians know that you need to split the lighting in as many sections as possible. With the idea that you do not need to turn on one light switch to illuminate the whole area of the house if you don’t need to. As an example, if you need to get something out of the fridge at night, you may not need to turn on all the kitchen lights, probably just the one close to the fridge.

The solution for this expensive makeover, are lamps. Yes, you may just use decorative lamps, floor lamps or cabinet lamps. You can give a nice, new, cozy look to your home with different lamps around the house.

Save energy using the lights by sections
Ideas how to use less energy

The Home Depot is my toy store, they have all kind of ideas and will help you with all your projects.

We have more ideas than just Save More Electricity Fixing Your Home Lighting.

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