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Save More Electricity at Home Eliminating Phantom Consumption

Image of a phantom and a plug
Phantom Consumption

Correct use of appliances, "standby" mode.

Many of us believe that, by turning off the television, the television will no longer use electricity. This is not true; most electronics are designed to be ready to work at any given moment. To be able to do this, most of the electronics and appliances are not completely turned off, they are in:

Standby Mode

This ability of the electronics to be available to turn on at any time is called "standby mode". The equipment is off, but still connected to the power. It remains a small part on, a chip ready to react and operate the electronic when we want.

This small chip consumes energy, this consumption of electricity is called "phantom consumption".

Studies indicate that between 7 and 12% of our electricity is spent due to phantom consumption. For example, if I pay an average of $ 200 of electricity per month, then almost $ 300 per year is wasted with equipment that is not in use. Surprising, isn’t it?

Solution to eliminate phantom consumption and thus Save More Electricity at Home Eliminating Phantom Consumption.

Use timers

Plug timer
Save energy with a timer

These timers help save electricity. They are programmed so that the electronics that are connected to this timer are completely disconnected at the times that we do not need them. For example, you can program it so that kitchen appliances stop being in "standby mode". At night, when everyone is asleep, they stop using electricity, and program it to reconnect just before waking up ready to make breakfast.

Use smart power strips.

Smart Power Strip
Smart Power Strip

These power strips turn off when they perceive a low consumption of electricity. They can also be switched off or on manually. There are some that you can disconnect the plugs one by one depending on what you want to leave plugged or not, you just have to press a button. For example, in the same power strip we have the Internet modem, television, 2 video games and a DVD. If what you use most is the modem, you can leave the other electronics unplugged with the help of a button.

As you can see, Smart Choice Power wants to help you save more electricity at home.

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