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Save Electricity Texas Summertime 6

Save Electricity Texas Summertime 6, Twin Draft Guard

Save Electricity this Summer
Save Energy

Summer is about to end and kids are getting ready for school, however, temperatures in Texas are not going down. We can do a lot to Save Electricity in Texas Summertime of 2021. In this blog, I will show you how to keep the warm air and dust out of the house. This idea is not only for summertime, this is also a good idea for wintertime and to keep your house cleaner and help to your A/C and furnace.

There is a gadget that is very helpful and easy to acquire or build. You may have seen it on TV, but it is actually sold in pharmacies, grocery stores, and dollar stores.

Keep your house cool and clean with a twin draft guard.

The idea is to stop the air and dust that filters from under the house entrances. Most houses have a gap between the bottom edge of the doors and the floor. The twin draft guard is placed under the door and will block the air and dust from outside.

Honestly, it is a very cheap tool, however, sometimes it is not easy to find. However, you can easily find it on Amazon for under $10.

Save electricity at home DIY twin draft guard.

To do it yourself you just need a pair of unwanted jeans or a towel, a broomstick and that will be all. Roll, hold the towel or one leg of the jeans and stitch it, use another broomstick to make a parallel and stitch it. Make something like this o_o.

This will be enough to block the air and dust from outside the house.

Watch the next video and see how much energy you can save. Don't forget that our air conditioner is one of the appliances that waste most of our electricity. Let's help the A/C to perform at its best.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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