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Save Electricity Texas Summertime 3

Save Electricity Texas Summertime 3

Changing the A/C air filter is a remarkably simple task, and this idea helps us more than we can imagine. Save Electricity Texas Summertime 3 is about the air filter which is supposed to be changed every 3 months. I will share a quick video on how to change this filter.

Besides saving electricity, more benefits of changing the air filter.

1. Good maintenance A/C the unit will last longer.

I think the most important thing is to keep in good condition one of the most expensive appliances at home, our air conditioner, and furnace. Also, the air conditioner is considered the appliance that uses the most energy at home. By changing the air filter often will make the A/C unit run smoother, less stress, and better airflow.

2. Better airflow

With better airflow, the A/C unit will use less energy to push the air through the vents and will have better air circulation throughout the house. This will make the A/C reach the desired temperature faster and the unit will work less time. If you can save a few seconds of the air conditioner or furnace unit per cycle, you can be saving hundreds of dollars per year.

3. Air quality

It is important to have the air quality at it is best. Get rid of respiratory illness and less dust around the house. Sometimes when we have a season change, we start getting sick, or the allergies kick in. Have you seen that one member of the family gets sick and then the other member, and so on…? If this happens often in your household, change your air filter. This might be that the pollen or virus keeps circulating. Disinfect all clothes, fabrics, rooms, and especially importantly, change your air filter.

Keep your A/C unit in good condition and save hundreds of dollars.

You see how this idea goes beyond saving money, of course, we want to save money, however, we would like to have better air quality and honestly, this does not cost you much.

Cost per year to keep the best quality air in your home.

There are different kinds of air filters, you can find air filters from $1.50 to $25 apiece. I do recommend going for the medium-high quality filter, you can find them and any hardware store for about $40 a 4 pack. I think that spending $40 per year and have good quality air circulating your home, fewer calls to the HVAC experts, and savings in your electricity bills are worth every penny.

Not only that, but this task may also take you 5 minutes from start to finish. Anyone can do it and will save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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