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Switch Hold on Meter

Switch Hold on Meter
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One of the reasons why you can't turn on the light in your home. It is also one of the most complicated reasons to explain. The switch hold on the meter is a nuisance, here I explain why a switch hold is applied to the meter of a house and how to remove it.

What is the switch hold on the electricity meter?

The switch hold on the meter is a switch hold placed by the utility company and was requested by an energy company. This switch holdout is to prevent a change in the power company that supplies electricity to a specific address or meter.

Who puts the switch hold on the meter?

When a client stops paying electricity and owes a considerable amount or asks for a payment arrangement. So, with a payment arrangement, the customer is promising to pay off the debt. The power company asks the utility to put a switch hold on the meter, so the customer doesn't switch companies. This switch hold will be removed when the customer pays the debt owed to the electricity company.

How to remove the switch hold on the meter

A. Pay the debt you have with the electricity company. It is not easy to circumvent, many customers believe that they can easily remove the switch hold by requesting a new service from another electricity company. The next point is important and makes this point very difficult.

B. Check that the customer is a new resident at that address. This is done with the rental agreement or the documents for the purchase of the residence. Also, if you are renting your home, it is necessary to show Schedule J2 where the owner of the property ensures that the client is a new resident.

These documents are examined by the utility. If the utility sees any anomaly or any relationship with the customer who has the debt, the switch hold will not be removed.

Who's who in the world of electricity

First, I want to explain the difference between the power company and the utility (public services).

The Utility

The utility owns the electricity distribution infrastructure. He owns the cables, transformers, meters, etc. They do not sell electricity; they only distribute it. They are responsible for keeping everything necessary for us to have electricity in our homes and businesses in good condition. If there is a blackout, they are the ones who oversee fixing everything.

However, maintaining the distribution network is not easy, much less cheap. When we see a “delivery charge” on our electric bill, it is what the utility charges us for delivering electricity to our homes. They also make sure that the electricity companies charge what the house really consumed electricity. The utility reads the meter and passes that information to the power company.

Simply put, utility is the government of electricity.

The Energy Company

The electricity company is the one that sells you the kilowatts used by a meter. This is called the “energy charge”. The electricity company bills each customer and collects delivery charges, energy charges, and taxes.

More or less, this is what it looks like on your electricity bill:

  • Energy charges: 50%

  • Delivery charges: 42%

  • Taxes: 8%

There you have it, now you can understand why this issue of the switch hold on the electricity meter is difficult.

Act quickly and with certainty and this issue can be resolved within 24 hours.

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